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    Condenser on guitar cab, should I be careful?

    If I wanted to use a really fancy small diaphragm condenser (that I really don't want to break) on a (pretty loud) guitar cab, should I be worried about the sound pressure potentially damaging the microphone?
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    I think I broke my headphones

    I dropped my Beyerdynamic DT 770s and now the sound is really tinny without much bass at all. Something must be wrong and I suspect it's from the fall. 1) Would it make sense trying to diagnose the problem and maybe getting them repaired or something? 2) If not and I want to get another pair...
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    Magnet swapping, multiple magnets

    I had the idea of taking the side magnets from a Duncan Invader and putting them into a Duncan Distortion. In theory this should result in something closer to a Black Winter I believe. And... maybe I would try swapping the big ceramic magnet for an alnico 5 while I'm at it and see what happens...
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    Wrist pain

    I've had some problems with wrist pain in my picking hand. I like picking pretty hard and think that's the reason, along with sometimes playing for long periods of time. I've had these problems before and it's made me go down a bit in string guage. I'm currently taking some time off playing...
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    Can't finish music

    I can't stop revising my songs. I keep getting better at writing and when I look back at stuff I wrote only months back I think "ehhh, that's not so good, I can improve that". Somehow there's always room for improvements. And also I change my mind about what I like. For example harmonies I used...
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    Epic pieces of music

    I've been working on a long song that I'm trying to make "epic" so that it deserves being so damn long. This made me think about which songs/pieces of music that I feel deserve to be called epic. And I don't mean epic in the sense of having a bunch of sappy strings and choirs layered over...
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    What do you think about wah?

    I hate it. If a guitar solo has wah I want to turn it off immediately because I hate the sound so much. Does anybody else feel this way? Am I weird?
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    String skipping during sweeps?

    Is this a thing that's being done? So say that you wanted to sweep something but the interval between two of the notes is so large that you couldn't possibly do it on two consecutive strings. So you would mute the string you want to skip (with your fretting hand) and just add a little more...
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    One lug un-tuning itself

    Hey. My kit has an issue with the 12" tom. One lug un-tunes itself and starts rattling around. Is there anything smart that can be done to solve that?
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    Vocal melodies

    I'm writing vocal melodies but I'm not a singer. And I don't have a singer either. I want to have these songs finished with melodies and just tell someone "sing this". But I look at my melodies and worry that nobody will actually be able to sing it. C5 here, hm okay, oh D5? Alright... Oops...
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    Trem block size

    I want to get a brass trem block for my soloist but I'm not sure about size. I tried measuring but it didn't make me much wiser because I'm not sure how high the block should go compared to the edge of the cavity. I'm fine having the backplate off (it's missing anyway) but maybe it should still...
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    Need difficult stuff to practice

    I've been playing much more than usual lately and I've become kind of bored with the stuff I normally play (even if I haven't mastered it yet by any means). So I'd like some suggestions of really difficult stuff/techniques/exercises etc. to try and learn. Like what's the hardest stuff possible...
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    Fretboard radius, do you care?

    I've never paid any attention to fretboard radius. I never felt like a fretboard was too flat or too round for me. I can be sensitive about stuff like neck shape and dimensions for sure, and nut width. But not fretboard radius it seems. So I was curious if other people are more concerned about...
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    Anchoring picking hand

    What do you guys think about anchoring the picking hand, either with palm on lower strings/bridge (when playing higher strings) or with the fingers, like the pinky, on the guitar? Or do you think it's better to keep it floating?
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    Alt picking sweep shapes

    Hi everybody. I've been doing my ~monthly "oh shit I gotta finally learn how to shred" practice and have a question. I've been looking at Paul Gilbert stuff and similar things and practicing my alt picking. I used to economy pick things often but I do much more straight alt picking now and I'm...
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    Anyone play piano?

    I'm messing around a little bit trying to play piano. I don't know why. Maybe I need a break from everything else and it feels good to learn new stuff, going from zero to at least something. I just pick pieces I think are cool and look up tutorials/sheet music. Probably I try to do stuff...
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    Let's talk about lyrics and lyric writing

    Let's talk about lyrics. Here's some questions that might get the discussion started. How do you write lyrics? Approach? What type of lyrics do you write? Certain topics? Do your lyrics tell a story? Are they more concrete or more abstract? Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? Do...
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    Classical music?

    I haven't seen that much talk about classical music here, so let's see if anybody wants to talk about it. Sometimes I feel like I don't get enough of melody and harmony from metal and other contemporary music and I think that's what drives me to classical music. I gravitate mostly towards 19th...
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    I think most modern music sucks, because...

    1. Song writing is lazy and uninspired. With so many different genres already existing, people have a blueprint for almost anything they do. All they have to do is decide, hm, let's play THIS genre, and they know how it's supposed to sound. Then accomplishing that sound is like filling in a...
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    What guitar tools/things are good to have?

    I've never liked working on guitars, doing setups etc. and done as little as possible of it. I've pretty much stuck to fixed bridges and sometimes I'll play with a kinda crap setup just because I'm lazy. But now I've 1) actually bought a Floyd Rose guitar I plan to keep and 2) made a half-assed...