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  1. Petar Bogdanov

    Clean Up Your Youtube

    Guys, if you're browsing YouTube without a Video Blocker, you're exposed to the website shoving endless Jared Dines and Music Is Win videos down your throat, no matter how much you don't click them. Use this extension for Chrome...
  2. Petar Bogdanov

    Are Duncan and Dimarzio magnets compatible? (PAF7 alnico mod)

    I have a Jazz 7 laying around and I feel like the PAF7 in the neck position of my RG could use some extra sponginess for cleans and leads. If you've done this mod, how does it sound? I'm also interested in where to get 7-string magnets in the EU.
  3. Petar Bogdanov

    Laney IRT-SLS

    It appears to be based on the IRT-Studio and has some sort of a hybrid power amp that outputs 400 watts.
  4. Petar Bogdanov

    Experiment: Fixed Bedroom Attenuator

    I had this idea for a while and I finally put it in a box. Had it built for a while, but it didn't feel safe, without a box. :lol: I'm using it with an Ironheart Studio, and it eliminated all the noise from the clean channel, makes it crankable, and warms up the gain tones. It sounds better...
  5. Petar Bogdanov

    Getting more out of selling gear locally

    So lately, I've identified some gear that I can definitely do without. My market is a couple of national Craiglist-like sites, where you get stuff shipped to you with payment-on-delivery, or you go meet in person. It feels like I'm getting less money for used gear, than other people typically...
  6. Petar Bogdanov

    Speakers to complement G12T-75

    Here's my situation: I have a Blackstar HT5C, a Peavey 6505mh, and a home-made 1x12 closed-back cab. G12T-75 speakers all around. I run either amp through both cabs, depending on my mood. Recently the 75s have too much fizz when pointed anywhere near me. They also sound kinda gross at low...
  7. Petar Bogdanov

    6505MH: Guts & Biasing

    Some say it's made of metal... After marketing for rock didn't work. Sadly, like most amps, the tubes are taller than the transformers. It has to be propped up to be worked on. At least the transformers are similar height. Tube layout - the preamp tubes seem to use some kind of a shielding...