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  1. protest

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Grabbed what I think was the last Bogner Blue pedal sold at Sweetwater. Don't need it, but it was on clearance for $129 so you know.
  2. protest

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    I'd like to that DirtyPuma for the new avatar.
  3. protest

    Your First Live Concert-

    Slipknot with Mudvayne and Hatebreed opening up at the Electric Factory in '99 or 2000.
  4. protest

    What do you dislike about your favorite guitar you own?

    That it's so bright I had to drop in lower output pickups and treat it like a single coil loader guitar.
  5. protest

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    You have a lot going on, and potentially have too many things that boost the signal all running at once. I usually have the level on my Precision Drive below noon. Run the guitar into the Precision Drive with the level at or below noon and then go directly into the amp. Bypass everything else...
  6. protest

    Anderson 7 strings returning

    Agreed on the black hardware! Dog hair is a pretty sizable up charge IIRC. From what I remember these options are the expensive ones: Mahogany Body Natural Back Quilt Top Dog Hair finish Bowling ball finish Gold hardware Hollow body Heavy Relic
  7. protest

    Anderson 7 strings returning

    Depends on the wood choices and some of the finish options, but it's generally difficult to get an Anderson over $5k. You typically spend a little less than 80% of the prices shown on the spec sheets. You'll definitely be running closer to $5k now than in the past, but you should be under for...
  8. protest

    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    Better than the last song, but still not as good as the last album.
  9. protest

    14 vs 17" radius - do you really notice a difference?

    If you're coming from an Ibanez you'll definitely notice it, but it won't actually be the fretboard radius, but the entire combination of neck shape, dimensions, and radius. You should try to track down an Anderson if you can. The serial number on the back of the headstock can be entered into...
  10. protest

    What guitar pick do you use?

    A mix of: Max grip carbon fiber Jazz III Petrucci Jazz III White Fangs I use the white fangs most often because they seem like a middle ground between the other two, albeit thinner than both.
  11. protest

    Guitar Store “Etiquette”?

    Depends what I'm checking out. If I'm looking at a guitar I'll play it unplugged first and if I like it enough I'll plug it in at low volume. If I'm checking out an amp I'll pay at low volume, and if I like it enough I'll turn it up briefly. If I still like it and I'm legit thinking about...
  12. protest

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Probably putting a deposit down soon on my first full custom build.
  13. protest

    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    If you want to go Diezel for the sounds you're looking for I would go with the Herbert. I liked the Mk. I significantly more than the the Mk.II, but the Mk. II was from Guitar Center and showed up broken. If you're considering any other brands I would say a Mesa Mark or KSR. If you can deal...
  14. protest

    Have there been any Mesa amp changes from Gibson?

    How can you tell that it sounds good without checking which brands of transformers and tubes are in it?
  15. protest

    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    Duncan Alnico Pro II's or the Slash version. Also maybe add a resistor for the bridge to change the pot values.
  16. protest

    Great looking combo amps?

    This. In pretty much any color that it comes in.

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