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  1. Elric

    Orange Micro Terror as a Live Axe-FX Power Amp

    If the OP were opening up the recommendations to special order, all tube power amps, and getting into the $1000 range; I am guessing they would not be asking about repurposing a $120 low wattage all purpose head with no power amp input. LOL. Some people do not even like tube power amps with...
  2. Elric

    NAD: It's quite revolutionary!

    No, the thing that really poisoned their rep was that they paid people to post fake reviews on Harmony Central and other places and their potential customer base found out pretty much immediately. That along with what you mention; them buying off every new metal artist to do an endorsement made...
  3. Elric

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp Pedal

    Yeah that is a fair critique, I would say. Boutique stuff has such high premium. I could have easily bought two other amps for what mine cost
  4. Elric

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp Pedal

    Weird to see a number of people making these ‘dark’ claims. I hate overly dark amps and love my Driftwood it is nowhere near that for me… never really had an amp that covered so many bases so perfectly… I’m way past the honeymoon too. Had it well over a year. Anyway I guess it’s good we have a...
  5. Elric

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp Pedal

    Shrug. That’s cool. I can only speak to the one I have which is a different model/amp. The 5150 and Rect are supposedly both influenced by the SLO, especially in the preamp. Maybe the Power amp in mine is different than the 100+ watter and gets a different feel/sound happening. All I can say is...
  6. Elric

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp Pedal

    Yes, mine sounds way more 5150 than Rect although they both have SLO DNA. I have an SLO and the DW is a brighter amp than the SLO on Burn mode A. Kyle’s description literally sounds nothing like my experience… shrug. I did tell Marek when he built it that I was looking for something with a lot...
  7. Elric

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp Pedal

    Re: The Loop It is probably like the Victory V4 (i.e. Kraken et al) preamp pedals Where you can use it to patch the preamp into your amp. I have the Kraken pedal and that is an extremely cool feature, it works brilliantly. I have a Driftwood Mini Nightmare (60W KT77s); that amp is basically a...
  8. Elric

    NGD (Fractal content)

    If Fractal would just relent and either hire someone to port Axe-Edit to mobile they'd own the market; IMHO. If they did that the next box could have Bluetooth MIDI built-in and no one (but @laxu ;) ) would ever complain about the UI ever again. IMHO. I am a huge Fractal fan and I find it...
  9. Elric

    Terrible looking amp heads?

    Yeah, that, and the 'let's out-horrible Peavey' logo and the optical illusion horizontal stripes for labels combined with knobs in a line but also at an angle configuration and the angled faceplate and... just face it, you may like the amp; but aesthetically, it sucks on a very fundamental and...
  10. Elric

    Orange Amps USA is a thing now

    You mean that has a picture of an amp above it. Or maybe, ironically, a picture of a volume knob. This is Orange we are talking about.
  11. Elric

    Orange Amps USA is a thing now

    Yes. I remember reading about it thinking it sounded pretty dumb. I do absolutely love that band, though; but dumb is dumb. This new Orange amp strikes me as one of those sig amps that is mostly useful to the person it was designed for. Like 'signature to a fault' sort of design where the only...
  12. Elric

    Just Amps

    I pretty much find it impossible to use any amp without a boost at least some of the time. I tend to like amps below the point of hyper-distortion and then pushing them there as needed with a boost. Ironically, like you, a lot of times I feel like I am somehow 'cheating' by tweaking or adding...
  13. Elric

    What’s Your Favorite Modeling Combo Amp?

    Katana got an ass ton of love on TGP et al on launch and has been a ,assivley successful product. It may have gotten some blow back due to being oversold/hyped but it is hardly poorly regarded. In my mind it is still in the 'hyped' product category and see people recommend them all the time. I...
  14. Elric

    Budget Amps In 2022?

    I've had a lot of trouble not buying a PRS Archon over the years and rhat new iteration of the 50W looks like a good value.
  15. Elric

    The absolute WORST distortion pedals??

    Boss HM-2.
  16. Elric

    Guitar Effects yet to be discovered?

    You’re completely lost. LOL.
  17. Elric

    Modeler Recommendation for Dummy

    My advice would be: Buy nice or buy twice. In other words, if you go the budget route you will either end up disappointed or just spending more money over time. I'd personally recommend the already mentioned on page 1 Line 6 HX Stomp or POD Go as the bare minimum entry devices. Other higher end...
  18. Elric

    Guitar Effects yet to be discovered?

    If you look at it from a signal processing stand point, there probably isn't any fundamentally new basic combination of things that'll be developed. All of the core operations you can do to the signal in an reproducible and musical fashion are probably there... There might still be room for...
  19. Elric

    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    LOL. Put it in a f*cking rack and move the rack out of the way. That's the entire point. :) My AxeFx's and PS2 are dead silent in use because they are mounted in a rack and can be moved anywhere I want. I didn't even know they had fans. :lol:
  20. Elric

    Any word on the MT100?

    Man, I really miss Guitar World's Rig Load Out cartoon things from back in the day. Those were really neat to see just how some people's setups looked, etc.