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    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    When it comes to power amps with a traditional cab rig, is there really anything special between them or is it just: find one with as much wattage as you feel you need + doesn't overly color your tone?
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    What guitar pick do you use?

    I'm still largely rocking the Dunlop Tortex Flow (.88 of course) but I think I'm gonna start switching over to the Jazz 3 Tortex; I have some Delrin Jazz 3s from some random company and I'm starting to like the smaller size.
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    Lots of shootings...

    So was Drew!
  4. MFB

    Lots of shootings...

    I'm just mad that I can't see the named Jared Diamond and not picture Jared Dines; I had to read that book for AP Euro history, made it like, a chapter in and was like, "this is gonna be a rough end to the year."
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    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    Man, I didn't realize trying to find gash to smash was like it's own full-time job, shit's exhausting
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    Movies you've been watching...

    Bullet Train Much, MUCH better than I thought it'd be and the trailer feels like it did this movie dirty honestly; feels very Guy Ritchie/Shane Black in it's writing/dark humor of "shit going wrong around one man." Only gripe with it is a that I really don't like Joey King, so her being a lead...
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    Why are you happy right now?

    They are, the old El Paso ones, I think Spatula is saying that the salsa is more like ketchup than actual salsa, and any time I've ordered tacos from a Mexican joint they look nothing like what every suburban white family makes. It's always: flour tortilla with some cheese thrown on top to melt...
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    Multiples Of The Same Guitar (An Appreciation Thread)

    Best in show: Gold Ironbird Runner up: Ferrari Charvels 3rd place: Jaxadam's collection IN THAT ORDER!
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    Lots of shootings...

    Tonight, on MTV Cribs: Trump Tower
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    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    I uh, I went full "degenerate" mode tonight, the likes of which only probably @STRHelvete would understand and I'm just so curious as to where it may go from here
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    Why are you happy right now?

    Don't forget to put out the black olives that no one asked for or wants!
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    Why are you happy right now?

    The question is, is he enjoying actual Mexican tacos or is he eating white people starter pack tacos?
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    Movies you've been watching...

    That's an accurate description for Predators, it's not outright BAD, but it's a weird swerve for the franchise given the previous entries.
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    Anime/manga megathread

    I like Zenitsu (the blonde) and he starts out annoying but I feel like he does get better; I hope they land somewhere in the middle with him where he's able to just flip the switch of his Hashira mode, as it is an interesting dynamic for a character. Not crazy about the boar head though, Inosuke...
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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Oh shit that's right, forgot that was dropping so soon, so I guess I found my next show to watch.
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    Why are you sad right now?

    I'd offer you MA but something tells me you'd hate it here
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    Movies you've been watching...

    God damn it, I really wanted the Comanche version to be like, the "definitive" take on it since they're Natives so it'd be cool as shit to be that authentic; but I guess that's too much to ask.
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    Books you've been reading/listening to

    I have enough that for four and a half years at my last job I honestly thought at any point they would show me the door because I didn't go to school for Electrical Engineering but was designing residential distribution systems by the time I left; I had a senior engineer who obviously reviewed...
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    Chinese mortgage / real estate situation

    I heard Korean budgets are the new Japanese though?