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  1. chopeth

    Lundgren MVS

    Anyone gave them a try?
  2. chopeth

    A few candies from Skervesen

    Arrived a bit late, but they finally came. Thanks to Bart and Jarek!
  3. chopeth

    New Hannes Grossmann, what do you think?

    it is starting to grow, I loved the cover first sight and had to buy the T-shirt too, kinde lovecraftian/Alien look I adore.
  4. chopeth

    Engl volume come and go

    That's that. I have an EVH 5153 50w and an Engl Ironball 20w and while I didn't have any problem with the first for 4 years already, the second, which is only 2 years and didn't go out of home started a few months ago to lose volume randomly. I thought it'd probably be something with the effect...
  5. chopeth

    NGD - Lag Hyvibe 30

    So I was very happy with my acoustic LAG T500 ACE and saw this new Hyvibe thing and instantly fell in love with the wood in the new 30 model. Sold my old one and bought it. I don't play very much lately but the device is funny with loop, bluetooth and whatnot. Here are some pics
  6. chopeth

    English language native speakers - difference among similar terms

    Hi. A friend of mine is doing a thesis about male vocabulary and stuff and asked me what I think is the difference among masculinity, maleness, manliness, manhood... He feels that masculinity and manliness are synonyms, but maleness includes the biological idea (as the word containes male)...
  7. chopeth

    Obscura Kummerer's new ESP looks suspiciously alike his former RAN

    In my country there's a saying who goes "those who steal from a thief earn a hundred years of forgiveness". Anyway still sad and missing Ran guitars.
  8. chopeth

    NGD - Skervesen Raptor 8 (it's going to be a RAN Crusher buuuut...)

    I finally got this guitar that started being a RAN Crusher until the company collapsed and got me in the middle of the process. This was the original project: Skervesen took the project that were still somewhat profitable as they took some materials from the the deceased RAN warehouse and...
  9. chopeth

    Anyone good at finding key centers can check if I'm doing it right?

    by the way, can you do this without a pen and a sheet of paper? 1. Fmaj7 - Dmi7 - C7 = Fmaj7 (I - vi - V) 2. C#mi7 - F#mi7 = Emaj7 (vi - ii) 3. Ami7 - Cmaj7 - Emi7 = Cmaj7 (vi - I - iii) or else Gmaj7 (ii - IV - vi) 4. Bbmi7 - Fmi7 - Ab7 = Dbmaj7 (vi - iii - V) 5. Fma7 - Cma7 = Cmaj7 (IV -...
  10. chopeth

    Sudden pain in my first finger, right hand

    Happy New Year everybody! A couple of weeks ago I woke up with some pain in my right index finger. I had gone to bed as every night after a bit of practicing a challenging new part and felt all right. In the morning, I noticed the pain when I make the clamp pressure against the thumb. At the...
  11. chopeth

    8 string EADGCFAD bands anyone?

    I know Beyond Creation uses that tuning. Do you know any others?
  12. chopeth

    what strings to buy for 8 stringer tuned to standard E?

    It comes with this gauge set: The scale is 28'' and it's tuned one step down the whole guitar, I mean EADGCFAD. I like it to be from 15 to 18lbs roughly. Do you know any set fit for this? I don't like how the middle strings are tight as hell while the 8th is like rubber.
  13. chopeth

    Tips for playing this b*tch?

    I dunno what I do wrong, but after three weeks, I still can't play this or just very dirty. The string changes and speed kill me. My bandmate (the composer) tells me I hit the string too lightly but even my shoulder hurts. I don't know if I should put my forehand in the body of the guitar near...
  14. chopeth

    Torn between two ear-plugs brands, I'm losing hearing

    Hi! My drummer is a beast and my rehearsal room is not big or acoustically treated enough and everytime I come back from practicing I hear a low hum until the next day. One of my ears is especially sensitive and I always orient it away from the drums, although if I have to go near it and the...
  15. chopeth

    Help with first bass, what do you think about this one?

    What I look for: - 5 strings - Cheap - Lightweight - Comfortable/good tone a guitar player here, not planning to change my main instgrument, just wanted a neat bass to have at home to record music. I thought about this, what is your opinion, dear forumfellas? Ibanez GSR205B-WNF Body...
  16. chopeth

    3 next releases from Christian Muenzner (Alkaloid, E.E, Obscura, Necrophagist, SoP)

    He announced by fb that he is about to release: 3rd solo album Tab book for that album Instructional guitar book with advanced techniques Super exited for this :cheers:
  17. chopeth

    My guitar builder claims wood matters A LOT.

    He is also a builder of Violins and Classic/Flamenco guitars with more than 30 years of experience. One day he told me he made the first 7 string ever just before the 90s arrived and earlier he included wood pickups in his guitars. Apparently Fender tried to buy the idea from him, though he...
  18. chopeth

    Different versions of the same pickup?

    I love my Juggernauts 7 and I'm thinking abouth throwing a new pair into my 8 string multiscale. How do these compare?
  19. chopeth

    What's wrong with my EMG?

    Hi, mates I have a 6 string guitar loaded with EMG 81/89. As of late I only play 7 stringers it stayed in its case for more than half a year. The other day I felt like playing it and after I plugged it, the sound started farting, bland, coming and going depending on how strong I hit the...
  20. chopeth

    Christian Muenzner's new tab book TIMEWRAP (Necrophagist, Obscura, Alkaloid, Eternity's End)

    Hail the GOD of guitar, he is back! :hbang::hbang::hbang::hbang::hbang: