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  1. McKay

    Help!! Trying to find an ampsim version

    Hi all. I had a computer crash a few months ago, and lost a lot of data. One thing I lost was a particular version of a Vadim Taranov's Mark III vst. It's the old version that had a broken GUI, only showing two knobs. He has since updated the vst to fix this, but it doesn't sound the same!! If...
  2. McKay

    CLIPS! Mesa Boogie Mark Comparison - 60w III+ vs DRG III+

    I've spent the last year with another guy in the UK figuring out how to turn a Mark III into a Mark IIC+. They're already very similar in design and mostly differ in component values. This is a mod that Mike B from Mesa will do for a fee, but sending a big heavy amp to California and back isn't...
  3. McKay

    New Head Shell Day - Mesa Mark (cat included)

    Just about finished this. Built a shell for my Mark III 60W, although it'll soon be housing a simul IIIc+/++. It's a little imperfect because it was done with hand tools and I'm a total carpentry novice, but I think it came out great. Because I knew it would always look a little rough I thought...
  4. McKay

    Trying to get the Divine Intervention tone/vibe

    Without using tonematching. It's fucking hard. I usually go for a very different kind of tone.
  5. McKay

    NGD! Jackson Stars SL-J2E (?) + Sound Test

    This thing is great! It's a Jackson Stars soloist with two EMG 81s, what looks like a real floyd (it just says 'floyd rose' on it rather than the Schaller branded ones most JS guitars have) and "striped ebony". Also pictured is my new Higher Power longsleeve that arrived around the same time...
  6. McKay

    Free Mixing For A Week

    What it says on the tin. I want to get some practice in while I have some free time. PM me your stuff and I'll mix it for free. Two songs max and I prefer not just getting DIs and MIDI, it would be cool to get some tones and sounds someone else made and mix that, and I'm not editing stuff, just...
  7. McKay

    Latest Release - Raw Sounding Hardcore

    Recorded, mixed and mastered in about 9 days. Guitars are reamped through an unboosted 6505+ and a Framus Dragon 4x12. Did everything but the cymbals in my bedroom. I was going for something quite raw and natural sounding while still sounding heavy. Totally different approach to producing...
  8. McKay

    Slayer pickscrapes (?) from Divine Intervention

    Specifically the ones at 0:12, can't seem to get it doing regular scrapes. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. McKay

    Sick Opening Riffs Thread

  10. McKay

    Tube Power Amp + Rack Questions

    I've been looking for a first-version Ultra 60 or 120 for ages and it seems they're just rare as hens teeth, especially here. Fortunately for me they're basically the Rockmaster preamp in head form, and there are enough of them around to grab one. I need to find a 6L6 tube power amp and build...
  11. McKay

    1986-1992 In Metal: Go

    Personal favourite time period, hit up some rad tunes:
  12. McKay

    Can someone explain why stock pickups are so bad?

    As far as I can tell, winding a pickup is winding a pickup, and the materials/components used don't differ much between brands. I don't understand why guitar companies don't design their own great sounding pickups and put them on all their guitars. It would increase sales of cheaper instruments...
  13. McKay

    Analog Content - Tape Mix With A Twist

    So I'm doing a quick demo mix for a crossover-y band I'm in, and we're going for a vibey kind of feeling with what we had at our disposal. We quad tracked on Marshall JCM/Mesa Mark III sims, used double tracking and effects on the vocals but the coolest thing we did was run the masters through a...
  14. McKay

    Is this a defect?

    I bought a Jazz Bass new, but the strings sit over the neck like this: I can easily return the instrument but I honestly don't know if this suggests a defect or poor craftsmanship. I've tried to compensate with saddle placement but it only mitigates the issue slightly. I've referenced online...
  15. McKay

    Fender Jim Root Tone Test - G# Quick little thing. This thing is mean.
  16. McKay

    NGD - Fender Tele

    This thing sounds mean as hell and plays awesome standing up. Love it. Better pics & clips to come yo.
  17. McKay

    Uncomplicated Guitars Appreciation Thread

    I hate the term but it's the only way I can describe guitars without trans finishes etc.
  18. McKay

    ITT we post fun heavy music

  19. McKay

    Myspacecore Revival When?

    I miss this golden period. Now everything sucks.

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