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  1. andyjanson

    I need help to be more tolerant of other people's taste in music.

    I kinda used to feel the same way when I was younger until I realised that I wasn't winning any prizes for not liking something. No-one else really cares what music you listen to, and no-one thinks you're any cooler for dismissing artists that prioritize things other than musicianship and...
  2. andyjanson

    Gimme your albums I'll rate them 1-10

    Hahaha yes dude! Love it when someone catches that :cheers:
  3. andyjanson

    Gimme your albums I'll rate them 1-10

    My bands debut album - would love to hear some thoughts on this!: Our genre is progressive post-hardcore, with some main influences being The Safety Fire, Deftones, Circa Survive, Oceansize, The Contortionist and Reuben to name only a few...
  4. andyjanson

    Why are you happy right now?

    Just got a guitar sales job at Andertons!
  5. andyjanson

    Can't Decide on a Delay Pedal

    Happy flashback X4 user here. Having 3 presets is really neat, I typically have a very short, subtle delay for rhythms, a long dynamic delay for leads and a trippy, modulated setting. Haven't really delved into toneprint yet because there's like, 12 different delay types to play with, but all...
  6. andyjanson

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released

    Well I had a listen through today. Got to say, fairly underwhelmed. I found it pretty boring for the most part, and I don't like Dan's vocals anywhere near as much as I liked Ashe's. The whole run time seemed to pass with fairly run of the mill tesseractisms without any bits that really stood...
  7. andyjanson

    What's the best metal amp for £365?

    So much this. Got a way huge green rhino the other day and it transformed my dark terror. Curious to try an eq too.
  8. andyjanson

    Good overdrive pedals?

    I picked up a Way Huge Green Rhino yesterday and it rips - gave my Orange Dark Terror exactly what was needed. You can dial out some of the bottom end with the 100hz control which is cool, and there's a mid curve control which I don't really understand. Otherwise it functions like a tubescreamer.
  9. andyjanson

    Show me your Mayos!

    That's all the customisation you get. For a full custom type job like that, you'd be better off looking elsewhere probably. That said, I'm a firm believer in asking with these sort of things. You never know, and everyone has a price sooner or later.
  10. andyjanson

    Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

    I've given it another few plays now and as I suspected it's really grown on me to the point where I really like it now. I mean, REALLY like it. If Eternity Should fail is the best opener since Moonchild, and Empire Of The Clouds gets better with every listen. As for the talk of the performances...
  11. andyjanson

    Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

    Just finished - definately enjoyed myself. I'm not the best person to review maiden albums since I'm incapable of disliking anything they do (classic line-up that is. Don't get me started on the blaze era). I'm not awestruck, but it sounds like it'll be a grower at this stage. I'm also...
  12. andyjanson

    Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

    Just got in from work with my new deluxe version waiting for me. Time to put the kettle on and get settled for that glorious first listen through. Nothing beats a new maiden album, and at their current bi-decadely output rate, you gotta make the most of times like these. I'll be back.
  13. andyjanson

    Soapbar size pickups in place of pickup rings?

    I'm in the process of upgrading my prs 7 string, and I'm looking at pickups - I'm not massively keen on the aesthetic of pickup rings and I was wondering if it'd be possible (in the hands of a good tech) to replace the rings altogether with a soapbar sized pickup? I know bare knuckle offer...
  14. andyjanson

    Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

    Well, Fear of the Dark > No Prayer, so I guess that means....
  15. andyjanson

    Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

    Yea, as expected really, fairly standard up-tempo maiden rocker, nothing wrong with it, but nothing that blows my mind yet. Not worried at all though, maiden have a history (at least in the post-reunion era) of releasing solid if unremarkable radio friendly singles. Nice Adrian and Dave solos...
  16. andyjanson

    JP50 Bridge leaning forward

    Funnily enough I was adjusting this on my jp6 earlier today - it's an easy fix. Take the backplate off and there's a small plate attached to the springs with two screws in it. Those screws adjust the tension in the springs. If your bridge is leant forward that suggests to me that there's not...
  17. andyjanson

    Good Tiger: What are you?

    First video is up! Absolutely loving this.
  18. andyjanson

    NGD: Skervesen Astilla FF7: Pistachio

    I just checked the skervesen Facebook post and there wasn't a single negative post to be seen, which is...interesting. Anyways, lovely guitar man! At first I wasn't sure about the fretboard but I think it's winning me over.
  19. andyjanson

    The EB MusicMan 7 Club

    Mm surprisingly that's not really working for me - on paper, a JP with a buckeye burl top sounds incredible, but I think the JP shape works well because it's sleek and minimalist. Giving it a highly figured top and a more 'organic' vibe seems to take away from that to me
  20. andyjanson

    'The Safety Fire' Megathread: 'Grind the Ocean' Now Available

    Genuinely heartbroken :( This sucks so bad, they're one of my own bands biggest influences. I wonder if we'll end up hearing any of the new material?