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  1. Sephiroth952

    NCPBD! Finally done building my board. (For now)

    I've been working on putting this board together for the past few months. Super excited to have this little project complete for now, I always wanted a board and I never thought I'd be able to afford one. :) Order: JP Wah > Tuner > TS mini > Super secret definitely not a clone pedal > to amp >...
  2. Sephiroth952

    NGD: First Seven Content (Ibanez)

    After 9 years of being on this site I finally own a 7, an RG2027XL! This my graduation present to myself now that I'm finally making good money. Worth every penny it is simply amazing on every level. Photo album:
  3. Sephiroth952

    New Cab Day! 2x12 goodness!

    Was able to score a mint mesa 2x12 for only $500. Has the casters and the cover as well!:hbang: It sounds so massive compared to the evm12l in my combo. Not saying the combo sounds bad, but for metal this just slays!
  4. Sephiroth952


    Been waiting to get this for 2 weeks now! This wah is freaking awesome. Extremely Aggressive. Its hard to even call it a wah, it almost roars.:hbang:
  5. Sephiroth952

    NCPD Hardwire DL8

    New cheap pedal day! Scored this guy for only $60. :hbang: First stand alone delay I've ever owned. Really fun to play with. The tape delay setting alone is worth the price.
  6. Sephiroth952

    NAD! Dream amp content.

    Finally got the amp I've been waiting for years to own, the Mesa Boogie Mark IV. I actually didn't think I would ever get the opportunity to buy one. But here we are, and this thing slays!!!:hbang:
  7. Sephiroth952

    New queensryche song "Guardian"

    This .... is pretty f-cking metal.:hbang: Those harmonies are beast.
  8. Sephiroth952

    BATMETAL Returns

    This video is sick, specially the solo part!
  9. Sephiroth952


    My step dad brought this home yesterday. Was a steal at 300$, nothing wrong with it at all. And yes the little practice amp sounds surprisingly huge through it.
  10. Sephiroth952

    Jake E. Lee on that metal show.

    Pretty badass interview, great to see him again. Too bad trunk tends to talk over him a few times. BLABBERMOUTH.NET - JAKE E. LEE Interviewed On VH1 CLASSIC's 'That Metal Show': Entire Episode Posted Online
  11. Sephiroth952

    Dragonforce on capital one commercial

    Pretty awesome. I don't listen to them all that often anymore but their still awesome imo, and the fact they basically make fun of themselves in the commercial is great. :lol:
  12. Sephiroth952

    FCD! Tis very blue.

    Got my first car today!!!:hbang: We got lucky with this 4k overall. First thing jammed inside? Devin Townsend, and after a short trip to Half Priced books, Elton John. :lol::lol::lol:
  13. Sephiroth952

    J-customs and S-premium now available in the US!

    Enjoy the eye candy!:wavey: | Electric Guitars | S Premium | Electric Guitars | J. Custom Interesting that the only j-custom available atm is a six, but the thumbnail they are using on the regular electric guitar page is a 7.
  14. Sephiroth952

    NGD! Graduation present content.

    A few of you probably remember me posting that ngd up awhile back pertaining to my bro's purple strat, well since then he has taken it back and sold it. But without my knowing used that money to buy me this as a graduation present. Ive been wanting a fixed bridge guitar for so long and...
  15. Sephiroth952

    NTGD Purple Strat Content (56k:Maybe)

    New temporary guitar day! So basically Im "holding on" to this baby till my brother gets a new place again and has room for it. Knowing my brother I have a feeling im going to be having this thing for a good while. He never played it anyway so no harm done here. Its plays really nice. The...
  16. Sephiroth952

    New Dragonforce Album Details Announced

    Well for the very few fans on this forum they have finally announced the details. Title: THE POWER WITHIN ((Its not the same without the caps.:lol:)) Track list: 1. Holding On 2. Fallen World 3. Cry Thunder 4. Give Me the Night 5. Wings of Liberty 6. Seasons 7. Heart of the Storm 8. Die By...
  17. Sephiroth952

    New Dragonforce (Different Sounding Content)

    Sounds like they are trying to break out of their previous used formula's. Sounds ALOT more traditional power metalish. Marc seems to fit the band quite nicely as well.:hbang:
  18. Sephiroth952

    Micheal Kiske new band "Unisonic"

    Any one else hear about this?Ive been hooked on the demo song they released,and waiting for the cd.:hbang:
  19. Sephiroth952


    According to the legendary singer Dio died today....I'll never foget the two heaven and hell shows i got to see him sing his ass off.:metal:
  20. Sephiroth952

    My little chat with Mr.devries

    So ii was bored and decided to call this guy out...lols ensued shortly after.:lol: Too bad now he deleted me so no fun for me anymore.:noplease::lol: Ok now post your fav quotes by devries!!!:shred: