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  1. shpence

    EZdrummer 3 Not a ton of info out on it yet but I pre-ordered it immediately. I have the Superior stuff as well but tend to get more done with EZ so this looks awesome. Having a grid editor that was in Superior 3 is mainly why I purchased it as I hate MIDI...
  2. shpence

    Diezel VHX-100 I didn't see any posts about this amp. Looks wild. Can't imagine paying that much but it is impressive. No great demos yet and isn't even on their website. Thoughts? Might be a bucket...
  3. shpence

    GT-1000 Core Thoughts?

    Been looking for a multi-effects pedal to use in 4CM on a non-midi amp that can change channels. I'd also like for it to have a computer program so I can save scene/channel/patch changes easier. I could care less about amp modeling capabilities for what I'm going for. I was looking at one of the...
  4. shpence

    Need me some synth/fx plugins

    Been using AIR stuff mostly for over a decade and need to get some new synths/fx to spice things up. I'll probably go with Omnisphere as it seems to be the most recommended as a one-stop-shop but are there any other contenders worth considering? I have a minilogue so I'm okay on the analog side...
  5. shpence

    Indo Archon 50-watt Figured something was coming! Was hoping for the MT100 (with MIDI!!!) but this might be cool for some. Cheaper obviously being from Indonesia. Maybe the MT100 will be made in the Stevensville shop. I personally love the Archon and if my 100-watt head had...
  6. shpence

    Necessary to copyright?

    Didn't find a clear thread on this so I decided to make one. Is it necessary to copyright nowadays? I don't really know what is even involved in truly owning the masters when not on a label. I'm curious what bands that self-publish their music do. I know it's less difficult to prove (in a...
  7. shpence

    Bass Combo Amp

    What's a decent-enough bass combo amp I could use for practice? Don't need to go the head+cab route since it's just for the rehearsal space. Will throw an Alpha/Omega or something in front most likely. I tend to only deal with DIs for bass so I have no idea.
  8. shpence

    FS GGD Invasion

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: GGD Invasion. Sounds awesome just don't use. Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): N/A Location (City,State or City,Country): USA International OK? : Sure Contact Info (No Phone #s) Send PM References (eBay or other forum...
  9. shpence

    Bulk Strings

    Are bulk string packs a thing anymore? I've been digging the Ernie Ball Cobalts but have had to order a ton of packs via Amazon which is not ideal as they arrive in varying degrees of quality. I miss the 10 pack boxes I could find! I'm constantly changing 4 guitars with different tunings/gauges...
  10. shpence

    Computer for Live Shows

    I'm looking for a computer to use for various functions live as many bands do nowadays. Looking up specs and such figured I'd see if anyone on SS has done this and could recommend minimum specs. Any advice is welcome! Just want to set things up for changing patches, light programming, click for...
  11. shpence

    Rewinding BKPs

    Has anyone sent Bare Knuckles to be rewound? I have a ~13 year old Warpig that could use some TLC. Should I just buy a new one?
  12. shpence

    Fluence 5 String Bass Soapbar

    I have a Yamaha TRBX505 that plays well but the pickups stink (especially for heavy stuff). Anyone used the Fluence 5 String Bass Soapbars in a metal setting? I'll probably only get the bridge one anyway.
  13. shpence

    Portland Metal Band Looking for Bass Player & Drummer

    The thread title says it all! Anyone in the area? Seattle? If you like what we do, hit us up!
  14. shpence

    Playit - Dan Weller on, "The Trees.." Tutorial

    Anyone else seen this? 15 year old me would be ecstatic but I was hoping this would be more of a Sheet Happens kind of release. Hard to not want to do this for one of my favorite albums but kinda turned off by the subscription model here...
  15. shpence

    Voice/Riff Recording App for Android

    Hi there. Got a new Android phone and it didn't come with a Voice Recorder app. I've used the iPhone stock ones and a couple other crappy stock Android ones. Figured I'd ask if anyone knew of one they used for recording quick riffs (so they aren't forgotten) that was good. All of them are the...
  16. shpence

    Tremol-No vs. Blocking

    Hi there. I have a PRS CE24 that I've wanted to block the tremolo on. What are your opinions on putting a physical block in vs. a tremol-no? There isn't much (recent) info online on the tremol-no that I found useful. I like the idea of it since it's less destructive and you can loosen when...
  17. shpence

    Smash and Grab

    I’m interested in the GGD Smash & Grab plug-in as I’m not a huge fan of the (compression) plug-ins that come with Toontrack EZ/Superior drummer. I have sunk too much money into Toontrack stuff to abandon it anytime soon though haha. Anyone snag this plug-in yet? Seems like it could save some...
  18. shpence

    MD-500 and Other Multi-Effect Pedals

    Anyone have one of these? I have been researching the many multi-effects pedals out there now (but specifically looking at HX FX) and realized I only really use pitch/octave/whammy and delay/reverb. Don't need an amp/can sim or anything like that. Should probably just get a Whammy V and a...
  19. shpence

    B7K DI - For guitar?

    I was looking at DI boxes rather than going direct into the interface for recording/reamping. While I was recording bass using my Darkglass B7K and the direct output on it, I wondered if I could use the balanced direct out for guitar instead of buying a direct box. Anyone know?
  20. shpence

    Alternative To Soundcloud?

    Anyone using anything else? There is an issue with, "We're sorry, that track isn't available on mobile" that people keep running into when trying to stream. I looked into it a little and the problem doesn't seem to be resolved. It's been a dying thing for some time now...

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