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  1. Thesius

    WTB Looking for 8 string pickups

    Passives only. I am located in Canada. Lmk what you got
  2. Thesius

    Recoating a Bridge

    So I got my S2020X in the mail and the bridge is in worse condition than I had thought. I don't know much about metal working etc is this salvageable? I know a place near me that does cerakote but Idk how that will affect the piezo. Electronics aren't my thing
  3. Thesius

    Scammer warning Mush78

    Sent me a message on here and only boomers or scammers want you to email them. Searching the email will bring up threads about him scamming
  4. Thesius

    New Old Ibby Purchase

    Always wanted one of the older Ibanez models with a piezo bridge and this popped up on Yahoo Auctions about a week ago. Haven't received it in the mail yet so these are the only pictures I have currently. The tremolo bar looks like some of the coating has come off and there is a small ding on...
  5. Thesius

    FS FGN Mythic 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: FGN Mythic 7 Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): gig bag Location (City,State or City,Country): Canada International OK? : Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s) Here References (eBay or other forum userid): avoncollectibles ebay Price...
  6. Thesius

    6 string Soapbar Replacement

    The age old question. Haven't been following new pickup releases the past few years. Do we have the tech for a high gain drop in replacement for Soapbars/P90 routes? I'm tuning down to drop C and I mostly play Periphery covers. I prefer passives but if actives are the best option outside of...
  7. Thesius

    What Ibanez Bridge is this?

    Haven't seen any of their bridges look like this before. Probably cause I only own RGs
  8. Thesius

    For Sale: Fishman Fluence Modern Killswitch Engage 6

    Came with my Aristides and I'm not an active guy. I usually hold onto pickups but I have a lot in custom fees these past two months I should try and offset. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fishman pickups Modifications (if any): nope Location (City,State or City,Country): Canada...
  9. Thesius

    FS Ibanez RGD7UCS

    Something came up for sale so moving this earlier than expected. Not really interested in trades unless it's something in my signature or something you think I'd be interested in. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): The prestige hard case in the pictures. Your Location (City,State or...
  10. Thesius

    NGD Ibanez RGD7UCS

    Got this in a trade today. Wanted one of these when they dropped and forgot about them until I was offered it lol. Unfortunately I'm not quite feeling this guitar. Looks great and feels great, but something isn't quite clicking. I'll give it some more play time until I decide if I am keeping it...
  11. Thesius

    Upcoming NGD Ibanez?

    Won this on Yahoo Auctions today. The seller says it is some type of prototype Ibanez? It could be or it could just be someone's project guitar I overpaid on! Maybe some one here would have some better idea of what it is haha. The seller provided a detailed description which I'll put in a...
  12. Thesius

    WTB WTB 7 String Pickup Set

    Mostly play prog/djenty stuff. Not looking for BKPs cause I've had many of them in the past. Smaller brands are cool I like to try new things. Not looking for anything too expensive I've been on too much of a spending spree lately. No actives this is a passive household. Location (City,State or...
  13. Thesius

    NGD RG7620M-BOL

    Stumbled across this by chance on a Japanese site and instantly called up my buddy to grab it for me. Surprisingly asides from two light rashes on the front it's in amazing condition. I apologize for the awful pictures. I don't have room currently to take better ones.
  14. Thesius

    FS FS/FT Aristides 060R Anthracite

    Selling to replace some of the money I had taken out of my 070 build that is upcoming. I am open to trades but I am only interested in Ibanez guitars. Only really looking for rarer models as well. Not interested in any everyday prestige etc. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Has a...
  15. Thesius

    WTB WTB RG7620/MIJ RG7421 or other old MIJ 7 string RGs

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Old MIJ 7 strings Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Your Location: Canada International OK?: Canada highly prefered Contact Info (No Phone #s): Private message here or email: mpylkko(a) References (eBay or other forum userid): avaloncollectibles on eBay...
  16. Thesius

    NGD: Aristides 060r

    Finally took the dive on one of these. I'm not really a fan of active pickups so I may swap them to passive but I'll play around with them for awhile before I decide. Only been playing it for a few hours now but this is already my favorite guitar I've owned. I'm going to have to put in an order...
  17. Thesius

    WTB WTB Ibanez RG7CST/RG7CT or other rare models

    Returning member here so my post count is pretty low. Bonus coming in from work has reignited my GAS from when I was a little Thesius. Gear/Guitar Wanted: RG7CST/RG7CT or other rare models. I'll look at anything! Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell preferred Your Location...
  18. Thesius

    NGG first ERG

    I've been gasing for a RGD for awhile now and didn't want to drop too much on a guitar that I wouldn't know if I liked the scale or not (I have small hands) so I bought this Squire Subsonic to get used to the extra length. I have no issues with the scale length but the guitar sounds like...
  19. Thesius

    Custom guitar necks?

    Is there any sites (or people on here) make custom necks? I want to do a custom inlay but everyplace I find on google seems to only make replacement necks with different woods.
  20. Thesius

    NGD Ibanez RG721FM

    I actually got this about two weeks ago but my phone was broken so I couldn't take pictures. I put an X2N in the bridge and I haven't decided on the neck pickup but I think I'm gonna go with a Transition in there.

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