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  1. nightlight

    NGD ESP LTD Jeff Hangman JH-600EC (Eclipse body)

    This isn't exactly a NGD, I gave this guitar to my brother many moons ago given that my collection was growing too large to handle. But after I lost a couple of guitars when I shipped home from my previous place of residence, there was space for one more, so I begged and pleaded with him to give...
  2. nightlight

    Crazy, over the rainbow, I am crazy, toys in the attic

    "Bats in the belfry" Nah, really. Most of social media seems to me like what I was complaining about in the deleted thread. *gasp* unless you can explain the Kardashians and Fluff, man. PS: I don't smoke "shit". Might be infrequently eating it though. PPS: Some non-aligned chap was saying...
  3. nightlight

    If the Illuminati was real, how would they operate?

    I'm guessing they would be your next door neighbours and colleagues who all have each others' phone numbers in various countries in some kind of database and just talk to each other on a need-to basis as though they have never met before and have no connection. And then, when they find someone...
  4. nightlight

    Mesa Boogie Quad in IIC+ mode, emulated output

    Hey guys, just ran through this preamp using the emulated output. Guitar was an OD Guitars Venus 6.
  5. nightlight

    Seasons greetings! Kemper profiles of Fireball 100 into Orange 2x12

    Here are some Kemper profiles I made. Enjoy the holiday season!
  6. nightlight

    Engl Fireball 100 through Ownhammer IR

    Ran an Engl Fireball 100 through an Ownhammer IR with a Fryette Power Station as a reactive load box. This is a mix test. The guitar is a Caparison Horus HGS. This is the YouTube link: But the audio is better on Instagram:
  7. nightlight

    Miced up a cabinet after a looong time! Fireball 100 content

    Miced up a cabinet after a while. This is an Engl Fireball 100 through an Orange 2x12 with V30s. Mic is a Sennheiser E906. Thought it sounded huge for a single mic, though I usually like to mix in a ribbon or a condenser.
  8. nightlight

    Axe FXIII sounds pretty amp like to me, here's a clip

    The isolated guitar tracks with the two guitars used (OD Guitars Venus and PRS 1957/2008) are towards the end of the clip in that order. A short mix at the start (cause I keep trying).
  9. nightlight

    Album opener solos x 3 - Am I on the right track? Just curious to know what people would make of these solos. They are by no means the final take, but I wonder what direction other people might like to see them go. More aggressive whammy?
  10. nightlight

    Marshall JVM410H into Orange 2x12

    English V30s in the 2x12.
  11. nightlight

    Engl Savage into Orange 2x12

    Did a recording of this amp and cab combo. What I like about the cab is that the speakers are well broken in.
  12. nightlight

    Heard something horrifying about the riot at a Metallica concert in New Delhi

    This was some years ago, but some guys in a band I was trying out for told me that the guy who started it was the vocalist for a band in New Delhi called Undying Inc. And it wasn't just because they were unhappy Metallica wouldn't play because of safety concerns. That yokel and others stole...
  13. nightlight

    Engl Fireball 100 into Friedman 2x12

    Tonnes of gain on this amp.
  14. nightlight

    My dream amp doesn't disappoint, I tell you!

    It's a Mesa Boogie Quad into a Rectifier Stereo power amp and then a Thiele 1x12 cabi et with an EVM12L. The amp is in the Mark IIC+ lead mode, I tell you!
  15. nightlight

    Why has it become unnecessary to sing well live?

    This is just something I've been noticing a long time, and I didn't pay much attention to it, but now it gets my goat. Listen to Aretha Franklin sing. Listen to Frank Sinatra. Listen to Jeff Buckley. They sound so good live. But nowadays when I listen to a lot of vocalists live, I cringe...
  16. nightlight

    Advice on recording "high quality" DIs

    Was reading about this on another thread and was wondering if my DI recordings could be considered "high quality". In your case, how do you measure the quality of your DI? Could someone post an example of their high quality DIs? I have three ways of recording the DI: 1) Play through Kemper...
  17. nightlight

    Quad tracking using Kemper Double Tracker

    A short demo video of the Kemper Double Tracker in action! I recorded two takes with the Double Tracker stomp activated for a total of four guitar tracks. Just some EQ cuts and minimal mixing. Sounds good enough for recording, imho
  18. nightlight

    New Exodus album

    It's dropping in November. This is the first single.
  19. nightlight

    Identifying pickups in 8 string

    I just realised that I couldn't find the pickups I'm using in my Strandberg Boden 8 and was hoping someone could help me figure out what they are. I thought they were a Sentient and Pegasus set, but I haven't seen those in a soapbar configuration, so now I'm not sure. Also, they appear to have...
  20. nightlight

    What are the most overhyped guitars?

    In my experience, one of the most overhyped has got to be the Strandberg Bodens. Don't get me wrong, I have an eight string from Sweden and I like it, but the prices have just skyrocketed and I don't think I would want to pay current market rates for one. I don't have any experience with...

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