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  1. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Tartarus Run - Limited Spots for 6 & 7 string

    Limited to 6 slots each! Price will be $1399 for the 6 and $1499 for the 7. Price includes the hardshell case. Please vote for which finish at the top of this thread! Build time would be 4-5 months. Shipping would be calculated at checkout but International shipping is usually a flat $150...
  2. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - 2019 Thread

    I wanted to create a new thread for this year since we are launching quite a lot at NAMM this month. Something we're very excited about is The Fission Drive, our first overdrive pedal, that is now available for pre-order. The first run of these will be completed this week and then the next run...
  3. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Online Guitar & Bass Configurators

    We've been working on these with a developer for about 2 1/2 - 3 months now and they're finally LIVE: Post the builds you come up with!
  4. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - 2018 Thread

    With a new year, comes new options/models/pedals and more. Please swing by our booth 3151 @ Winter NAMM 2018 if you'll be there and say hi! One of the most exciting parts of 2018 so far, is the release of The Astra. My take on a classic singlecut design but with modern construction and...
  5. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Multiscale Now Available

    We've received requests for Multiscale options over the last year and I'm excited to announce that we are now officially offering a few different fans on all models! Check out the demo here:
  6. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - The Blackened Series (Limited Run)

    We're offering a limited run for this Black Friday, which has limited spots and set specs. The run closes on 12/1. All models have: - Stainless Steel Frets - Locking Tuners - Graphite Nut - Ebony Fingerboards NEEDS MORE BLACK:
  7. JoeGuitar717

    FS Revv Generator 7-40 Head (Mint Condition)

    Selling my Revv Generator 7-40 Head as I have too many amps and while this is a KILLER amp and company to work with, it just doesn't fit my style. Everyone who has checked it out has loved it though. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Will come with the footswitch and foot switch...
  8. JoeGuitar717

    Dark Matter Instruments - Official Thread

    I've been working on some headless designs, but they do not fit into the Balaguer line-up since they don't really fit the vibe. I decided to launch a separate company for my less traditional ideas. - The site will be up soon with all the pricing details, but...
  9. JoeGuitar717

    New Amp Day: Revv Generator 7-40

    Such an awesome, versatile amp. Great guys over at Revv too! We ended up building them a guitar in trade for this amp. Here is a quick iPhone video tone test. I'm at my shop so you'll here the AC unit in the background. Whoops. Cabs are 1x12's loaded with creambacks, built by Gravity Enclosures:
  10. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - 2017 thread

    Hey all, We will be updating this thread with some semi-custom and full custom builds this year, as well as new custom options as they arise. After acquiring an International Distributor at Winter NAMM 2017, we are now able to ship anywhere outside of the USA or Canada for a flate $150 if you...
  11. JoeGuitar717

    Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Standard

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Standard Location (City,State or City,Country): Lower Pottsgrove, PA International OK? : No. Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM. References (eBay or other forum userid): JBman415 on eBay, and JoeGuitar717 on Harmony...
  12. JoeGuitar717

    Axe-Fx II Mk2, MFC-101 Footswitch, and EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Mark 2 effects processor/pre-amplifier, Fractal Audio MFC-101 Mark 1 Footswitch, and Fractal Audio EV-1 Expression Pedal (Black). Accessories (hardshell case etc): I can include an SKB Rack Case as well as a Live Wire Power...
  13. JoeGuitar717

    /FT - AxeFx Standard

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Standard Location (City,State or City,Country): Pottsgrove, PA International OK? : No. Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM. References (eBay or other forum userid): JBman415 on eBay, and JoeGuitar717 on Harmony Central...
  14. JoeGuitar717


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  15. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - The Archetype 6,7..8 string model?

    Hey fellow forumites, After some interest and feedback from a few close friends who play modern metal, I've decided to release a model that is catered more towards that style of playing. The first version of this design was called The Toro, and is featured as the first post in my...
  16. JoeGuitar717

    Paul Rhoney Starblaster (Silverburst)

    Only selling because I need money to start prototyping for my business. 2014 Paul Rhoney Starblaster Standard (Silverburst) Specs: Silverburst finish on top, back, headstock, and back of neck Alder body with Maple top and plastic binding Set-in Maple neck Ebony Fingerboard with...
  17. JoeGuitar717

    Paul Rhoney Guitars - Paramour 7 string Prototype Review/Playthrough

    Hey guys, Paul sent me this guitar to review after meeting him at NAMM 2014. Super sick 7, for a reasonable price. Check it out! You can check out his stuff here : &
  18. JoeGuitar717

    Carvin HH2 - Quilted Maple

    I'm only selling this because I have bills to pay, and another Carvin on the way. This guitar is amazing, and I will definitely buy another one in the future, as Allan is one of my favorite players. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Carvin HH2 Allan Holdsworth Chambered Headless...
  19. JoeGuitar717

    Gibson SGJ (Relic'd) - Sunburst

    I was really contemplating keeping this, throwing a bigsby B5 on it, grabbing some brushed nickel covered pickups, tuning it to drop A and sludging away some doom metal, but I have another guitar coming my way that will do just that, so this is up for trade. :yesway: Brief & Accurate...
  20. JoeGuitar717

    Orange OR-15 Head & Custom 2x12 Cab

    The head and cab are 9/10 condition. Some scratches here and there, but they are all on the back. The amp and cab sound awesome, but I'm selling them to buy another Orange head. The cab was custom built, and is loaded with Marshall Celestion Vintage speakers. Comparable to the Vintage...

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