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  1. seekfreed

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    Man, this troll must be morbidly obese by now after this 30 page long feeding frenzy... 😂
  2. seekfreed

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    After reading this dumpster fire of a thread I was totally on your side because I was in a similar but way less dramatic situation (not being satisfied with a 4k guitar) but after seeing the way you talk to folks and your dishonesty in the reverb description (especially after the gymnastics you...
  3. seekfreed

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Basically @All
  4. seekfreed

    Aviator Custom Build N°2

    Time for some pics! So far the body and neck are almost done. There are some minor details that I want Jan to change before the finish can be applied. I can't wait to finally play that thing!
  5. seekfreed

    NGD: Aviator Predator 7

    HNGD!!! No clue how I have missed an Aviator post... Glad to hear that you like it. I almost jumped on the same run but decided to go the custom route again. Personally I prefer my Aviator to my Mayones and Ran (I actually sold my custom Regius 6 to fund another Aviator build) and if my second...
  6. seekfreed

    Aviator Custom Build N°2

    Slowly it's takin form! The neck is going to be my favorite part for sure!
  7. seekfreed

    Great looking combo amps?

    I cant help it, but I love the simplicity of this gem!
  8. seekfreed

    NGD: Hapas Sludge 628

    Man, what a beauty!
  9. seekfreed

    NGD: It's an LP and what an LP

    I don't think that I've ever seen a Les Paul that beautiful! Congrats dude!
  10. seekfreed

    Aviator Custom Build N°2

    Well ... I've done it again. I've ordered me another Aviator! But pics first: Mockup All them woods The crazy flame on the pale moon ebony fretboard I went for a classic/contemporary hybrid build again because it worked out perfectly with the last one. Vintage looks and modern...
  11. seekfreed

    Talk me down, fellas..

    Anytime I feel the gas creeping up I try to spend more time with my killer guitars and just play them more. Then I realize that there is absolutely nothing that I "need" and that the new potential guitar would have to be a significant step up to justify the purchase. Just play your Suhr more...
  12. seekfreed

    NGD Cool Tele Content

    That is one sexy ass Tele!
  13. seekfreed

    Ok so heres a question. south korea guitars vs japan. Opinions?

    I personally prefer them North Korean guitars
  14. seekfreed

    New trade day: custom 24 artist pkg

    That axe is sexy as hell, especially the neck! All the talk about high end PRSs makes me really want to try one for myself. What makes this one special to you?
  15. seekfreed

    NGD & review - Aviator Texan 6

    The tuning issues have almost disappeared after my remedy, so the problem is not as dramatic as it may seem. A lot of high end guitars I have played have a nut cut in a similar fashion (depth wise) so maybe things have changed with more modern materials like TUSQ. The guitar arrived with a...
  16. seekfreed

    NGD & review - Aviator Texan 6

    Yeah, try to contact Northerner guitars and ask them about it. I'm from Europe what made shipping and customs super easy (non existent). Basically thats it, the slots were pinching the strings and causing them to get stuck sometimes. Personally I prefer the strings to be sitting in the nut...
  17. seekfreed

    NGD & review - Aviator Texan 6

    It's cool that you guys dig it! It seems to be a combination of both, but I think its mainly the stain. You can find a pic of the raw top in the build thread, maybe you can see it better that way. Thanks for the heads up. I will use that type of cloth from now on! Yeah, I read somewhere that...
  18. seekfreed

    NGD & review - Aviator Texan 6

    After waiting some time to get to know the guitar better I finally decided to do a NGD/review for my Aviator custom Texan 6. If you have missed and/or are interested in the build process here is the thread: Aviator Custom Guitars Thread | Specs: toanwoodz: alder body...