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  1. seekfreed

    Aviator Custom Build N°2

    Well ... I've done it again. I've ordered me another Aviator! But pics first: Mockup All them woods The crazy flame on the pale moon ebony fretboard I went for a classic/contemporary hybrid build again because it worked out perfectly with the last one. Vintage looks and modern...
  2. seekfreed

    NGD & review - Aviator Texan 6

    After waiting some time to get to know the guitar better I finally decided to do a NGD/review for my Aviator custom Texan 6. If you have missed and/or are interested in the build process here is the thread: Aviator Custom Guitars Thread | Specs: toanwoodz: alder body...
  3. seekfreed

    Aviator Custom Guitars Thread

    Because of general lack of information about this custom shop I wanted to share my experience with Aviator Guitars in this thread from the beginning to the final product. This thread may act as a little orientation for people who might be similarily gun shy like me regarding this brand. Also if...
  4. seekfreed

    Mayones Regius 6 NGD/review/issue?

    Hey guys, long time reader / first time poster here. I've been browsing this forum daily for infos about Mayones guitars while I was waiting for my custom shop order to arrive. Here I will tell about the ordering process and what I've got in the end. First of all I am incredibly pleased with...

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