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  1. frogman81

    Nice used digital piano?

    Hi there, I’m interested in picking up a decent used digital piano. My wife and I had considered getting a real acoustic piano but after considering space, cost, and maintenance, I thought digital might be a nice solution. Is there a “used prestige” of the digital piano world, that might be...
  2. frogman81

    NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian

    Hi everyone, to sum it up I've received my Daemoness after a 5 year, 5 month wait (May 2014-October 2019) and I'm disappointed with it. It plays nice, sounds good, and looks cool across the room, but the fit and finish just aren't what I was expecting. I've waited a week to think it over, took...
  3. frogman81

    Ormsby Karl Sanders "V-Gypt"

    Can't find a way to embed this instagram video, but here's a link. I've never really liked fanned frets that much but I think this is a pretty sick guitar. A different (but equally cool in my opinion) take on the theme that Dylan at Daemoness tackled awhile back...
  4. frogman81

    What new serious camera setup should I get?

    Hi all, I got pretty big into photography back in 2012, realised doing weddings was no fun, and pretty much dropped it completely until recently. At one point I had a D3, and Nikon’s trifecta of 2.8 pro glass (14-24, 24-70, and 70-200). I’ve also owned a D3100, D300S, and D7000. I sold it all at...
  5. frogman81

    Far Beyond Driven Kick

    A Pantera thread reminded me of the kick sound from Far Beyond Driven. I always thought it sounded HORRIBLE (no fault of Vinnie’s I’m sure), but am I alone here? Sounds like a computerised metronome click to me.
  6. frogman81

    Unsolicited Ghost concert Review

    Saw Ghost last night in Toronto and I think it was the best concert I’ve ever attended. It was my 3rd time seeing Ghost, and I find that seeing them live now has become more like going to a Cirque Du Soleil show than going to a traditional rock concert. That style of show might not be for...
  7. frogman81

    Price check on aisle 3, USA Jackson...

    Curious what everyone thinks is the market value of this guitar? 1800 cad is about 1365 USD right now. I allow a bit of a premium to be able to “try before I buy” and we don’t exactly have the used guitar market of say, LA... but I wouldn’t wanna grossly overspend. I’m thinking it’s in the...
  8. frogman81

    Any love for Within Temptation on here?

    They just put out a new single this week. I know it may veer a little far into “hard rock” territory or have too many straight sixteenth note strums for some people on here but I dig it pretty hard. Pretty heavy at times, great vocals as usual from Sharon. The guest vocals work for me.
  9. frogman81

    What are teenagers into now?

    So the other day I was at work and talking about cars. I have this theory that cool cars with cool engines and manual transmissions are destined to appreciate slowly because before long they will be relics of the past and (potentially) very much collectible if kept in the appropriate condition...
  10. frogman81

    Help me to understand the appeal of Death/Black metal vocals?

    *disclaimer* I'm not trying to trash anyone's fave band/vocalist... I'm trying to understand. I'm currently listening to Rivers of Nihil's new album, since it has gotten so much praise. I find the guitar work pretty interesting, but the vocals really lose me. Same goes for the new Soreption...
  11. frogman81

    Baking a cab sound into your tone

    So the Apex preamp thread got me thinking about cab sims. I get that everyone uses them and loves them, but do we really need them? I read somewhere (gearslutz I believe) that a cab sim/IR is generally just a bit of EQ rolloff and some reverb. Seems legit to me. Can we not modulate a preamp to...
  12. frogman81

    Are you guys legacy builders or quiet toilers?

    Trying to keep this question short... What is everyone after in life? Are you just trying to get some comfort and security for you and maybe your family, or are you trying to leave a legacy somehow - maybe through music, financial gain, or your community?
  13. frogman81

    New Used Prestige Day - RG3120 edition

    Just picked this guitar up last night! I was waay too poor and uneducated about guitars to know about these when they came out, but since seeing a few on this page I started lusting after them pretty hard. I don't even like trems that much, but I think this is the most beautiful model that...
  14. frogman81

    Stephen King recommendation?

    Hey there, interested in checking out some Stephen King. I read the first book in the Dark Tower series and found it interesting but a bit psychedelic for me by the ending. I also read his short story collection - Full Dark, No Stars, which was fairly enjoyable but not very memorable. Lately...
  15. frogman81

    Anything amiss in this RG3120 listing?

    Calling all Ibanez experts... Thinking about picking this up tomorrow. I was surprised that the case wasn’t red-lined, and doesn’t say prestige on it? Not that it would be a big deal to not have the prestige case, but just wanna make sure that or anything else isn’t fishy about the listing...
  16. frogman81

    Brandon Ellis

    So I went to see The Black Dahlia Murder in Toronto a couple weeks ago. I was struck by a couple things - how cool Trevor seemed, how bad the sound was at the venue (to my ears, from several locations, the giant concrete room was just incompatible with their fast, technical style and the natural...
  17. frogman81

    Anyone ever hire a session vocalist?

    Anyone? Since quality vocalists don’t exactly grow on trees, has anyone written vocals and then hired a pro to perform them? How did the experience turn out?
  18. frogman81

    Great Rock/Metal music videos?

    Hey guys, my online-collab band is gearing up to shoot a low-budget music video. I'm just surfing for ideas and inspiration. One video that I always thought was cool is Judith. It's got this lo-fi visual style going on that I wouldn't necessarily use, but otherwise it seems like a...
  19. frogman81

    Looking for gothic music recommendations

    Hey everyone, just looking for something new to listen to. I see guys on here posting about their top 10 albums from 2017 and I don't even have 10 new songs I liked from 2017. I think I just have pretty specific tastes when it comes to music that I actually want to actively listen to. I'll list...
  20. frogman81

    Does Adele sing consistently flat?

    Sitting at my local breakfast joint and Adele was playing. Not to knock her obvious technical abilities/success/songwriting, but from her very first single, her voice has been a bit like nails on a chalkboard to me. I think it’s because she often ventures slightly flat (to my ears). My theory is...

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