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  1. Brayden Buckingham

    PSA - Reverb charging sales tax twice on international sales

    Was never aware of Reverbs practices but I've looked up some stories and it seems like they can be hit or miss . The used market is weird with instruments . I've only ever traded mine in to local stores where I've bought them from for credit for a new instrument , but if I had to sell stuff it...
  2. Brayden Buckingham

    PSA - Reverb charging sales tax twice on international sales

    Welcome to BC . Thank Trudeau for that!
  3. Brayden Buckingham

    NGD Ibanez BTB605MS

    Jesus I'm jealous . Been eyeballing these but I have a NG3 on the way if I ever even get it at this rate . My BTB is incredible and I love every part of it , and even though it's a 6 string it's still pretty forgiving . I imagine going to a 5 with fanned frets would be a breeze to play . I'm...
  4. Brayden Buckingham

    Not another “Which guitar should I buy” thread - Super specific search

    I'm pretty sure Jackson makes 7 string alder bodies with luminays . Let me go check . Edit : Pro Series Dinky 7 or Misha Mansoor . No evertune and basswood / ash body . Otherwise they're what you're looking for . I know ESP has a fair bit of Evertune models , but it seems like you might need to...
  5. Brayden Buckingham

    Guitar prices are out of control

    I've gotten a thorough email describing the issues with production of guitars / basses from a major company and it was surprising how bad things are . To keep things short , everyone is backlogged , and everyone is raising prices to accommodate the increases in shipping and manufacturing ...
  6. Brayden Buckingham

    Gibson Should Buy B.C. Rich

    BC Rich makes some wicked looking basses . Would love to try one . I would agree Gibson would be the most suitable if anyone were to buy them , but I'm sure BCR has it covered . They're sort of like Rickenbacker in a sense , I think they're comfortable with their customers and the niche they...
  7. Brayden Buckingham

    Do Jacksons sound worse than ESPs?

    Does plastic sound better than rubber ?
  8. Brayden Buckingham

    Anyone like Invent Animate?

    Seen them live front row on the Trilogy Tour with Silent Planet , Currents , Greyhaven and Anthems . Great show . They played Celestial Floods and Dark , my 2 favorites by them . Their most recent album was by far the best metalcore release in years in my opinion , flawless front to back . The...
  9. Brayden Buckingham

    Killswitch working on “live sounding” new album

    Killswitch , hell ya . Might see them live if I get tickets for that LoG tour . Also , Disarm The Descent is their best album , real headbanger stuff ... yes quote me about how I'm wrong haha Would be interesting to see what he means by " live " sounding . Like raw sound and not over...
  10. Brayden Buckingham

    Your Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    Northlane - Obsidian Bad Omens - TDOPOM Profiler - Self Titled EP Void Of Vision - Chronicles II Greyhaven - This Bright & Beautiful World Thornhill - Heroine Thornhills album is a major turn from their previous work , but done extremely well and refreshing , as well as great live ; I will be...
  11. Brayden Buckingham

    NGD: A new Quest with a quick conclusion

    What's said above . Disappointing on a new guitar for sure , but it isn't a total dud yet . I'm sure you can manage to make it posh again , sounds like you know what you're doing with maintenance . I know Ibanez is really trying to push these especially with Ichika on board and having a...
  12. Brayden Buckingham

    favorite punk albums?

    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasure DOA - Something Better Change Also Burn The Priest - Legion XX . Lamb Of God covering old punk songs ... yes please !
  13. Brayden Buckingham

    I was there

    I was watching that this morning too and BMTH killed it ! That crowd was nuts . From all the livestreams I saw , they were the most rowdy for sure .
  14. Brayden Buckingham

    I was there

    Was about 3 feet from James and Kirk when they played here in Vancouver . Caught a pick Lars threw as well . Probably the highlight of my life . In case anyone didn't know , they filmed Through The Never here , so I guess they like Vancouver . Least to say the energy at that show was insane ...
  15. Brayden Buckingham

    Buying a guitar with a slight neck twist?

    That warp is nothing you can barely tell . Can you feel it ? I'd try to forget about it because the more you think about it , the more you'll try and notice it . It's a Premium right ? How much did you get it for again ?
  16. Brayden Buckingham

    Buying a guitar with a slight neck twist?

    Don't they just clamp it down and bake it or something like that ? Can't exactly get a torch and heat it up like you're trying to bend pipe or something .
  17. Brayden Buckingham

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Wouldn't risk it
  18. Brayden Buckingham

    Buying a guitar with a slight neck twist?

    That's a decent deal . I'd go for it . Ibanez makes stable stuff and my used BTB is my favorite bass I own . I don't ever have to mess with the truss rod or anything so once you can get it where you like , I'm pretty sure you'll be fine . You can always use it as a beater / practice bass too if...
  19. Brayden Buckingham

    NGD: Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR

    Squier makes good stuff . It just seems like the consistency is hit or miss . The new line came in a local store and apparently they all needed major work out of the box before even being put on the floor . But the basses I've played were all extremely nice . The new Contemporary line is really...
  20. Brayden Buckingham

    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    Just wanted to add in my experience it could be personal preference with HOW it feels playing ; when I use a pick I'm playing extremely close to the neck , and sometimes I'll even hit the neck pickup if I'm playing a bit sloppy or over the top . Having just a bridge like in Music Man models or...

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