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  1. TheInvisibleHand

    XTC amp

    When I hear those terms I think its more related to feel. It makes you want to really dig into the strings very similar to how playing a strat makes you play a certain way vs. a 2 humbucker guitar. I hear Bogners desribed as chewy a lot, and I think its really about this really quick transient...
  2. TheInvisibleHand

    XTC amp

    Are you asking about the OG ecstasy 101 or the 3534? The little brother is a little more modern in nature. The blue is definitely in the marshall camp but the red channel on it is i dare say almost 5150 esque. Its glorious though. I have one currently and good god is it fun to play.
  3. TheInvisibleHand

    NGD: Twinkle, twinkle little star. (ESP content)

    Yessir. Japan custom.
  4. TheInvisibleHand

    NGD: Twinkle, twinkle little star. (ESP content)

    After a long search/wait for the right real deal ESP to come up for sale, I ended up getting trigger happy and bought the wrong guitar. It was another ESP Horizon, but with a floyd that I will literally never touch. Of course the day that one was delivered, I am shown what may be the most...
  5. TheInvisibleHand

    Female guitarists on Only Fans. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing....

    Which guitarist? /logsintoonlyfans
  6. TheInvisibleHand

    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    I've owned both the VH2 and D-moll. Literally just sold the D-moll last week. Vastly preferred the VH2. Both the clean and lead channel just felt and sounded better for "modern" types of playing.
  7. TheInvisibleHand

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    nah, its still there. just not on the home page anymore.
  8. TheInvisibleHand

    Way of the Gearwhore

    This speaks to me on a deep level.
  9. TheInvisibleHand

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    The only return was the 8 string.The white one was a new color, the chalk was leftover from the last drop, and theyve never sold a pink 6 with a maple board.
  10. TheInvisibleHand

    Your top melodeath albums?

    I'd echo most of what was said here with the usual suspects: TBDM- Nocturnal Dark Tranquillity: Character Soilwork: Stabbing the Drama But one band that to me was so damn addicting was Engel. I think they were produced by someone from In flames, but the album Absolute Design was so good. But...
  11. TheInvisibleHand

    i do too much in life to get good :(

    says the person who just sent me a private message to tell me to "buy a real guitar you cheap, cheap" Yeah. Im the one who's upset. I stand by what I said, even moreso now. You're an overgrown child upset because someone didn't stroke the back of your head when you decided to bitch about life...
  12. TheInvisibleHand

    i do too much in life to get good :(

    Its almost as if to get better at things you have to do them more often. WHAT A TRAGEDY! Im sorry OP (but not really), but your post was.....entitlted might be the right word. You choose how to spend your time. Some people choose to practice more often. You can choose to do whatever you like...
  13. TheInvisibleHand

    Looking at Suhrs Again - Need Guidance

    you and me both buddy. have suhrs on the brain, its a hard itch to scratch.
  14. TheInvisibleHand

    ESP Custom Club!

    Not trying to highjack this thread with Mayo content, but that antique black is my fav finish on the duvell. That exact guitar is one of my bucket list guitars.
  15. TheInvisibleHand

    ESP Custom Club!

    yeah, nice esp, but lemme see more of that duvell...
  16. TheInvisibleHand

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    Damn, this one hurts. THE best in the game.
  17. TheInvisibleHand

    Mayones vs Ernie Ball Music Man quality?

    Before we see the usual cacophony of people telling you to not spend your money and instead buy a much cheaper guitar because it has great specs and you'd have a bunch of money left over, I'd like to address the question at hand. I fully understand the desire to own something "special" and have...
  18. TheInvisibleHand

    Best Custom Mayones Dealer? (USA)

    I've bought two guitars from Sebastopol Music. Would highly recommend!
  19. TheInvisibleHand

    Post Your GAS

    This is perfection. WHere did you see this?
  20. TheInvisibleHand

    FS Mayones Regius 6 CS

    Joined 2 days ago. Posts only some weird accusations. I AM SUSPECT.

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