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  1. RiksRiks

    NGD - Sun Valley With Some Black Limba

    Man, that guitar looks sick as hell, I was really considering to get one, but a KM6 Artist got in my way for a more than fair price, congrats!!
  2. RiksRiks

    New Aaron Marshall Signature Schecter

    Irrelevant comment but I always imagined TSoC was recorded on an Aristides, knowing that it was actually on a PRS kinda clashed with my mental image, ngl
  3. RiksRiks

    NGD: Ronciswall Vapor 7 (Vapor Run 2021)

    hey xykhron, I really enjoy your videos and actually I considered your previous review of the vapor to jump in this run. I don't know how much more these pickups are compared to Gabriele's previous models, and honestly I've been crazy busy so I've been barely able to try them again. Honestly I...
  4. RiksRiks

    GOC Vajra 7: Bridge replacement?

    are these direct drop in replacements? I might consider them for my vajra too
  5. RiksRiks

    NGD: Ronciswall Vapor 7 (Vapor Run 2021)

    First, low quality photos: It's been really long since my last NGD post and I have skipped a bunch, but I noticed there's not a lot of threads on these so I decided to make one. Here's my vapor 7 from the latest Ronciswall run. The specs that I can remember without looking at the...
  6. RiksRiks

    Padalka guitars

    last time we exchanged emails he said he was starting 2 builds per month in the best case scenario, you're right. My concern is now on the supply chain if the sanctions continue... I trust Simon is well organized anyways
  7. RiksRiks

    Jackson Concept Series RR24-7

    Coming from a metallurgical engineering background this comment made me smile
  8. RiksRiks

    Padalka guitars

    Just searched reverb and I can't find it anymore, maybe it sold? I'm on the wait list, however with the current state of Russia's affairs I'm expecting delays and/or price fluctuations. Such beautiful instruments tho.
  9. RiksRiks

    Best pickups for Black limba (korina)

    BTW, I own a Black Limba Ormsby (6 string Goliath) with a set of Aussie pickups. I don't know if that could be useful since the mass difference between a 6 and an 8 is considerable, and even if it was, I have no idea how to record DI's, but I'm willing to do it if it's not too complicated.
  10. RiksRiks

    Best pickups for Black limba (korina)

    What stock pickups are you talking about anyway? There's a bunch, both, Korean and Aussie made, this is just so vague
  11. RiksRiks

    Aristides Guitars

    For any fellow 'tiddies owners with Hipshot Contour trems, what is your action height setup? I'm getting 2mm @ 12th and around 2.25 @ 24th with a little over 0.05mm neck relief as per Ferdi's recommendation (capo 1st fret, press 12th measure @ 5th)
  12. RiksRiks

    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    This one looks really good, I'm not into pickup rings but this one sorta visually balances the guitar a bit.
  13. RiksRiks

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Also, adding to the discussion, although I lack the proper evidence, I remember him answering a question regarding this topic on his frequent AMAs on Instagram, where he said something along the lines that he will still use and work with Mayones, but also develop this new signature model with...
  14. RiksRiks

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    I wonder if they will keep this option for the Master and J series or they will only offer it for the Legions
  15. RiksRiks

    I started photographing my guitar gear. Here are some shots.

    Maaaaan that Valentine's fretboard, you can see the figuring from a mile away, I've tried to photograph my gear (with my cellphone that is) and I'm nowhere near your level, truly great pictures!
  16. RiksRiks

    NGD: Ormsby Goliath Shark 8-string deep sea blue

    What I meant was why did you like the Ormsby neck so well that you chose it for your ideal mash up guitar instead of Padalka's, sorry if my question was not clear!
  17. RiksRiks

    NGD: Ormsby Goliath Shark 8-string deep sea blue

    This made me curious, what are the characteristics of Padalka's neck that made you incline towards the Ormsby? For the record, I've never played a Padalka
  18. RiksRiks

    Envoy Guitars = ViK (Seriously, f*ck this guy.)

    A legitimate, un ironic use of the Wangcaster, that would be a first for me
  19. RiksRiks

    Ormsby Rc-One... any out there?

    Kinda off topic but Strandberg FB group is a lot like this, cringe and unreasonable to the extreme. Also, kinda on topic, FWIW if I remember correctly they changed also the specs of the RA run, originally listed as a maple neck and now they are bubinga and Wenge (just checked the website and it...

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