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  1. Awaiting Oblivion

    Not another “Which guitar should I buy” thread - Super specific search

    It is. Trying to consider options and really wondering if there is a model I’m missing? Not looking for anything outside of these parameters as I’m looking to have this one as more of a workhorse guitar less studio. My daily is a Schecter SLS Elite (Ash/26.5) but the neck thru is touchy in dry...
  2. Awaiting Oblivion

    6 string bridge humbucker decision - Passive

    I’m rebuilding a Carvin Bolt I’ve owned for years to gear it more towards what I’m writing and I’m trying to decide on the bridge pickup. I also have a mahogany body using a Dimarzio Titan so I don’t want to go with an identical tone. Here’s the specs on the Carvin: Alder Body Ebony Fretboard...