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    BLIND TEST: Peavey 6505 vs Axe Fx III vs Helix

    Well that's the second time I liked the helix the most in these blind tests. They all work with the right tweeking hell, berried alive makes some good tones and he ditched his helix to stick with a hd500x.
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    NGD: Fractal FM9

    Was close to ordering a helix lt and than this drops. Decisions Wish I had some idea on the wait time for the fm9.
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    Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson

    I'll probably try it out, my amps in the repair shop so I'm just running through all the free trials until it's done. Doubt I'll like it but the cleans might be fun. Tried Nolly ,slow and have plini now. So far the slo is the best one for me. Not a huge polyphia fan these days , can...
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    Architects - Holy Hell

    Might as well go with all our God have abandoned us as holy hell builds off it. Lf/lt is my favorite personally. Daybreaker was also a good one.
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    Architects - Holy Hell

    It's ok, was hoping Josh would shred a little.
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    Monuments Megathread

    Don't mind the album really. Awhol, mirror image and Leviathan suck but the rest sound fine. Stygian blue, celeste and vanta Are my favorites.
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    Monuments Megathread

    Well, think this album will get a pass, If they release an instrumental I'll go for that. The vocals just make it unlistenable for me. Still enjoy watching the play throughs
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    Monuments Megathread

    Think I would like it if the vocalist wasn't Chris, just never saw why people go crazy for his vocals.
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    Jason Richardson Signature EBMM?

    Glad he is getting a sig, he earned it. That said, doesn't appeal to me at all. Kind of ugly
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    Erra - Neon (August 10th)

    Really liking this album. Much better then the last one.
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    His supporters, You mean Bill Clinton, Bush and Obama? This law IS NOT NEW. Trump halted it so you can be happy now. Now bring the families together, give them the info on how to legally apply and send them back home.
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    How do you guys write?

    Usually just dick around with my loop pedal and then when I find something I like I will build on that.
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    Medical people: your thoughts?

    If I go to the er I don't expect everyone to be in a pleasant mood. It's a stressful environment and even the best will have a bad day.
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    NGD Blackmachine Style Build

    Amazing looking guitar.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Will check them out thanks
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    As I Lay Dying are back with the classic lineup

    Seriously , it's not like he stole a candy bar, he tried to have someone murdered and lucky for her he hired a cop instead. Imo attempted murder should carry the same sentence as murder and his ass should be in for life or on death row.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I have a one spot now with the daisey chain. Will have to check out the other stuff they have. Considering a voodoo lab but also wondering if I would be better off just buying a hd500 for effects.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    My holcomb se arrived this morning :) Looking into a power supply for my pedals and a few more pedals since my DigiTech dl8 is a unreliable pile of crap
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    As I Lay Dying are back with the classic lineup

    Hated the last album of theirs I bought so haven't listened to anything from them since. No way in hell they will get any support from me now. I don't care if he did his time, he is a scumbag and idk how the other guys can stand being around that POS.