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  1. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    It looks like some "w" are missing in the title and first post : sorry Hollowwwway ! (trying to fix it)
  2. 77zark77

    NBD: Ibanez SR1200

    Hope it sounds as it looks ! it's a beauty ! Congratulations !:)
  3. 77zark77

    Trying to buy (or build) a double neck (6 / baritone 6)

    Ibanez XPT1400 ? (first thought)
  4. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    @c7spheres I got the SRC6 too The SRC6 is indonesian, the SR7 is japanese Quality : the SR7 is one or two steps above (Pickups, hardware, maybe wood) Sound : the SR7 is faaaaaaaar above the SRC6 (EMG HZ) Playability : I prefer the 7 string due to the narrower string spacing
  5. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    I think that a brand that occasionally releases a model that is out of the ordinary has a good strategy Those models are not THAT crazy, they are really well designed and playable This SR7 is heavy but comfy, it wants to be played, and creativity comes in I keep exploring the sounds due to the...
  6. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    @odibrom Fair enough This acquisition could be done thanks to Odibrom who posted the link to the ad ! Than you man It's tuned BEADGBE ( one octave lower than a guitar ) and sounds more like a guitar than a bass for now - it's in between The lower strings lack tension to sound like a bass...
  7. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    @Thesius this one was from Spain Picking with a bass pick is fun but finger picking is the most accurate... may be... first tests..
  8. 77zark77

    NGD: 1991 Ibanez RG560

    Happy NGD you got the idea of essential :) Congratulations !
  9. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    Got' it Yesterday and I'm not used to, but it seems to be a big tank of fun ! I won't name it, you know it (or you don't like Holloway's postings ! booooo !) What I can say atm is this is heavy as f... (4.7 kgs) !!! my Bongo6 is lighter !!! And it's as glossy as heavy : you...
  10. 77zark77

    NGD: Only An Ibanez RG550...But A Pretty Cool 550.

    Nice catch as always, Big congrats ! :)
  11. 77zark77

    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    😁 😁
  12. 77zark77

    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    Come on guys, you've already seen it, no ?
  13. 77zark77

    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    Thanks for the tip ! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA !Got it !!!! @Hollowway you won't have'em all ! HAHAHAHAAAA says the guy with 9 Universe ! Big moment of childish satisfaction if you don't mind :rolleyes:
  14. 77zark77

    NGD: I can't stop buying used Prestiges

    Big Grats ! :)
  15. 77zark77

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    The worst fretboard shrinking ever :oops:
  16. 77zark77

    Top Gun is #1 movie in the country, there's new Star Wars and we're in a proxy war with Russia...

    One pickup to rule them all ! And big Grats to OP @BornToLooze ( not a foregone conclusion) for the titile ! :yesway::yesway::yesway:
  17. 77zark77

    NGD: Sunglasses required

    Stunning color ! Congrats ! and if there's no neck pocket crack it's not a real Ibby :lol:
  18. 77zark77

    Rare Korn guitars

    My dog is waiting for a K9 :shrug:
  19. 77zark77

    James Hetfield admits he is struggling

    Mentallica ! :metal:
  20. 77zark77

    NGD Keep on "Rock'n Roll"-ing: I accidentally bought a pink guitar (MIJ Yamaha content)

    Pink is magic as you don't want it ! Pink is powerfull ! Congrats :)