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    Loop Pedals?

    I have been looking to get loop pedal and i have heard a lot about all different kinds of loops, i was looking at getting a Boss Rc-20xl. Has anyone heard anything bad about it or is there something better i can get? pedals are my weak point in gear and i have only just recently been building...
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    Changing tunings on your guitar.

    I have a ibanez rgr320 ex with a floyd rose in C# standard tuning with size 11 strings on it. I was wondering if i tuned it back up to E standard what would i have to do for the set up besides adjust the floyd rose? Would that be the only thing that would have to be adjusted, i just dont want to...
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    Neck issues

    I wasnt sure where to post this so i just dropped it here. I was wondering what i could do for a slightly bowed neck. Its nothing major i just dont want it to get worse and i want to keep the guitar in good condition. Any advice?