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  1. 77zark77

    NGorBD : Holloway's white whale ! hehe

    Got' it Yesterday and I'm not used to, but it seems to be a big tank of fun ! I won't name it, you know it (or you don't like Holloway's postings ! booooo !) What I can say atm is this is heavy as f... (4.7 kgs) !!! my Bongo6 is lighter !!! And it's as glossy as heavy : you...
  2. 77zark77

    I'm not used to.... but I have to... MAJA Guitars

    This guy has as much talent as shyness so it pissed me off and I decided to show his work the Calender3 is my favourite and seeing the others and the SHS bass decided me to forge this thread Hope it goes far
  3. 77zark77

    White and unusual to me NGD : KAWAI Aquarius

    I'm definitely not a strat guy and had all the same a lil crush for her ! It's all white and chrome, sounds lovely vintage, had near forty years and LOOKS AWESOME and NEW !!! Not for everyone I assume, but I like those twists to the holy stratocaster (body and headstock shape and pickups) The 3...
  4. 77zark77

    Fire Alarm and Red Alert !!! NGGGD !

    Double or triple NGD ? you decide ! Got those 2 beauties the same day : '91 Ibanez 540STN from Nederlands, '87 540PII in fire alarm finish from Spain. Those finishes are hard to show properly, maybe I'll try to take better pics at daylight 100% quality, 100% comfort, 100% sound, 100%...
  5. 77zark77

    NSD : New stand day ! have to inaugurate it !

    First time ? well done ! :french: and why not :shrug: ? bought it from a closing shop, needed it, made my day
  6. 77zark77

    NGD : My first JEM - JEM777VBK

    Hi, You already know what a '90 Jem777VBK is, so pics : 50 shades of green : It has the darkest rosewood fretboard despite I own hem a few hem Universe 1990 is definitely the year of the darkest rosewoods (no debate haha!) Now I see the pics, maybe it could be perfect with a...
  7. 77zark77

    Lil NGD : RG750 to match the RG550

    The purple is impossible to take in a pic !!! and I tried !!! Those are the best I can do ! rl]
  8. 77zark77

    NGD : the padauk familiy is growing

    Hi Just received this N4 Padauk with black hardware. Was thinking when bought it that's one of the limited serie by Boogie Street initiative But.... making the pics.... you'll see - play rhe differences game Anyway, it's a fantastic player and I like the Dimarzio Andy Timmons in the bridge...
  9. 77zark77

    NGD : unusual for me, but why not ? E-II EC7

    Here's my new toy. Said it, made it ! I don't usually like flat finishes but I had to make an exception here ! my first ESP and first Evertune Both don't deceive me ! The neck is one of those I already...
  10. 77zark77

    NGGD : the ultimate 7 string......why not ?

    This is what we can call the Ultimate 7-string It's been made by an Estonian luthier in 2014 or so : Riho Peiker I didn't know about him before seeing this beauty and....I don't know much more now ! I send him a message this afternoon, I hope he'll answer because I don't know all the specs...
  11. 77zark77

    NGD : Ibanez PGM800 my first jewel from ashes

    HI guys, here is an unexpected great deal for an Ibanez PGM800 Those are quite rare in the market in a near mint condition and a fair price - thanks Davide This has the thinnest neck I ever took in my left hand, and I love it ! Sounds great in saturated, a bit weak in clear sounds It obviously...
  12. 77zark77

    NGD : Washburn n4 (lot of padauk inside !)

    Hi guys, I just received this 2007 lovely Washburn N4 Padauk with black hardware. I was curious of it till I have the N7, and it"s real little jewel to watch AND to play Maybe I'll add a coil split for more versatility Now pics : And to compare with the N7 : exact same body, but...
  13. 77zark77

    Better than SSorg, SSSorg - Universe SSS

    Wanted to try to modify one of my Universe in a SSS scheme, have made a specific pickguard and wired a BKP Cobra set in it : To be honest, I'm a bit disapointed, those PUs are more for a strat guy who's looking after HB sounds, but it works great anyway After thinking about the...
  14. 77zark77

    Please help me choosing a new pair of....

    monitoring speakers. Not the best introduction to say I own a pair of JBL LSR305 for now and have a lot of fun with Hauptwerk but : with those speakers that are low frequencies oriented, I have of a lack of highs I usually work with headphones (Sony or Sennheiser), and then, listen it "live"...
  15. 77zark77

    8 string sky guitar - Uli Jon Roth

    Sorry if already posted, but it's a first to me not a bad demo, worth a look
  16. 77zark77

    14th of February : New Valentine Day (PGM333)

    One detail I didn't pay attention before having it : the middle PU ring is recessed ! what a great idea ! That "Champagne Gold" is definitively not the one you had with a JS2000 ! more greyish-greenish, but not really "gold" At first touch, the neck is quite surprisingly comfy : it's more...
  17. 77zark77

    NAMM2020 Tour with Ola Englund

    Sorry if already posted but nice tour early in the morning at NAMM2020 with OA
  18. 77zark77

    NGD + NPD : Ibanez S8QM

    Got this S8QM a few month ago and have a lot of fun with it It's light and comfy - I had an RG2228 in the past that was a beast I couldn't tame, sold it, regreted it, and found that elegant pet. The precedent owner had put a SD Sentient/Pegasus in it that I found too tight and weak. I decided...
  19. 77zark77

    NGD : Ninth Universe but fed up with good pics...

    ... so, and not because I'm the worst photographer : Too much Universe is disgusting or waiting day light.... The last one is an UV7S ;) the one on the right in the last pic
  20. 77zark77

    NGD : White is white and PGM are great ! PGM301

    Here is the PGM301 I just received, cool and efficient axe. Got the trem version that need more attention, this one is a workhorse with a big W.