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  1. DXL

    What is the Biggest Modern Rock Band?

    By modern rock I mean post-90s (or at least got big in the 90s). I'm torn between RHCP and Green Day but I feel like there's still no way that they're the biggest. Is there anyone that I'm forgetting or that is a lot bigger than they seem?
  2. DXL

    Bands That Sound Like Tool

    If you're a Tool fan like me and are tired of waiting for a new album, here are some bands I ran across a while ago that I feel do a good job at filling the void. If you guys know anyone else feel free to post them!
  3. DXL

    Is There (or has there been) an Anti-Indie Rock Music movement?

    Looking throughout time, every time rock music begins to show its lighter side, a rebel music movement emerges. The influx of soft rock and jangle pop in the 60s led to the creation of punk. The increasing popularity of New Wave led to Thrash Metal. And finally the mainstream growth of Glam...
  4. DXL

    Artists Who Are More Popular than the Band They Are Known For

    Hey so me and my friends have been having a discussion and I want to see what you guys have to offer. Basically, we're looking for artists who are more popular than the band that they are best known for. So like you can't say that Mike Portnoy is bigger than The Winery Dogs because he's...
  5. DXL

    Vista- Lost & Found, Instrumental Rock Debut Album Free Download

    Hi everyone! My debut album was just released under my multi-genre artist monicker Vista. This album happens to be more on the alternative/indie side but more to come includes folk music, viking metal, melodeath, and really whatever else I decide to write (already have about 50 tracks written)...
  6. DXL

    Best Builds/Crescendos in Music

    I think the title says it all. Post your favorite builds/crescendos that you can think of. Here's mine starting at 5:16: Also I guess this entire piece
  7. DXL

    Wanting to Start Learning Tech Death

    So as most of you guys are well aware, tech death is by no means a beginner player's genre of music. While I wouldn't call myself a beginner, I have very little experience playing anything very technical. Do you guys know of any tech death bands or songs that I could start with to start getting...
  8. DXL

    What Genre is This?

    The band's labeled as post rock except I've never heard post rock with really upbeat drumming like this. Anyone know what this is considered so I can find more of it?
  9. DXL

    Sugar Ray-esque California Rock?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for more bands that have that late 90's California/beach sound like Sugar Ray or Third Eye Blind. Any suggestions? If you guys got any instrumental bands like this or a little softer than this that'd be especially great, but anything's good really.
  10. DXL

    NGD: Agile Septor 827 RN CP CF Nat Mahog

    "It looks like you got it from a forest," -my friend Mike Seriously when I took this out of the box I was stunned by how nice it looked. The color is exactly what I wanted out of a natural finish guitar, and the sound is incredible. There was an immense amount of fret buzz around the second...
  11. DXL

    Difference between Agile Septor Models?

    So I was looking through the Rondo Music site and I noticed there's about a $100 difference between the Agile Septor 827 and Septor Elite 827, and then a $200 difference between that and the Septor Pro 827. They all appear to have the same specs, hardware, etc. though, so like what is causing...
  12. DXL

    Should I get a new guitar?

    So I recently saw the thread over in the sevenstring forum right now about the agile legacy 727 and I fell in love. I'm going to be coming into some extra money soon and I was wondering if I should get it. The only problem is I just recently bought an Ibanez 6 string about a year ago and I feel...
  13. DXL

    Dark Classical Music?

    Hi guys! I've been a fan of classical music for a while, listening to mostly Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart. However I've been really wanting to find that dark and epic style of classical that bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse base their sound off of. Anyone got anything? Maybe stuff like Requiem but...
  14. DXL

    Is Blackgaze "The New Djent"?

    Okay so before any confusion emerges I just want to clarify that by "the new djent" it is meant as the current prominent scene within metal. So I was reading an article on where the editor was listing his top 10 albums of the year. One of the bands on that list was a blackgaze/DSBM...
  15. DXL

    Troubles with Steven Slate Drums

    So I bought SSD4 and set it up exactly how the manual said with all the libraries in a single folder and setting up the directory to this folder. While extracting the files from their .rar files I was getting some messages saying how a couple of the samples couldn't load, it didn't seem like a...
  16. DXL

    How to Add Samples to Garageband Drumkits

    Hi guys! I've been messing around with Garageband's drum kits lately and I feel that they might have some potential. However, i noticed that they do not come loaded with enough drums on each kit to suit my writing :lol: Most of my stuff is written using 5 toms and a lot of china, whereas...
  17. DXL

    Record Monitoring Through Audio Interface Help

    Okay so I've been trying to use garageband's pitch shifter feature to be able to play in lower tunings without actually tuning down since my only guitar at the moment has a floyd rose :wallbash: I use a Behringer Xenyx 302USB and so far it has been fantastic, barely any noticeable latency and...
  18. DXL

    Anyone Know Anything Similar?

    I recently found this song by a noise artist called Prurient. The song is really violent and crushing, but beautiful at the same time. It almost seems like watching a war come to a close. Anyone recommendations for something like this?
  19. DXL Mobile App?

    I was just wondering if this is going to ever be a thing or if others would think this to be a good idea. I find myself using the site on my phone most of the time now and it could be a little tough working off the desktop site when using my phone. Just throwing it out there
  20. DXL

    Are Fanned Frets Really Worth It?

    So I'm always see arguments about how fanned frets and multiscale guitars are superior to regular extended range guitars, but like how superior? Like is there a noticeable difference in playing ability when playing fanned frets as opposed to standard, and if so are they worth the price?