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  1. MikeSweeney

    NGD LP Custom

    new guitar to me guitar day. 2014 Les Paul Custom.
  2. MikeSweeney

    NGD My 1st Gibson

    Last week I got a new 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Cherry burst. I went into the store on the Friday, The Dude handed me the LP telling me "its on sale" so I played it. I left the store then went back Saturday to play it and again I bought it, was a hefty price cut on it. Its...
  3. MikeSweeney


    I got her a few days ago but I wanted to know If it was mine.....I was thinking of a MK-V but this won me over.
  4. MikeSweeney

    If I lived in NY state

    If only I live there I could get this 1978 Mesa Boogie Mark II
  5. MikeSweeney

    Thinking of getting a Mesa mini rec

    Hey I'm thinking of getting a Mesa Mini Rec. I would have to get rid of my Peavey 5150 or should I say F**k it and keep the Peavey n get the Mesa ? So please tell me what you think of them.
  6. MikeSweeney

    Can anyone tell me is this is 100% real

    Hey im looking to buy a RG 550 but I want to know if this is a real one 1991 ibanez RG550- all original
  7. MikeSweeney

    Hey lets have some fun

    Hello guys I've been thing has Thrash metal died ? Post you'r thrash metal playing cllips/videos. Lets have some fun 6,7,8 string all welcome hell if you got a 9 bring it :scream: Cheers
  8. MikeSweeney

    I sent Fender/EVH a Email

    Like I said, I sent an Email about why don't they put the Power Attenuator on the heads. this is what I got back. I too wish the Heads had the Power Attenuator on it! Unfortunately, only the combo has this feature right now, and it sounds great! I know we may be working on a...
  9. MikeSweeney

    Hart braking songs

    Name your hart braking songs. I have to say is the best at it is the best at it
  10. MikeSweeney

    I need new pick ups

    Hello everyone you all herd this 1000 times but I need a set of pick ups for a HsH Ibanez rg premium. I'm looking for high output, dark and tight pickups Like this is kinda the tone I'm going for but I don't want emgs. I like emg pickups. and no bare knuckles there to much
  11. MikeSweeney

    Just Discovered this on youtube

    Just Discovered this on youtube I think it's badass. but I wonder if..... all the big thrash metal bands made a song
  12. MikeSweeney

    NACD and guitar but this is the wrong place for that

    I just got my hands on yet anther 5150. I sold my combo and got a head and 2x12 cab. I have to say its so much better this way and you all know how they sound and look like but here a pic
  13. MikeSweeney

    Can the Mesa Boogie Transatlantic do metal

    just as the title says can the Mesa Boogie Transatlantic do metal
  14. MikeSweeney

    Is ther an amp with a pre amp in or a power amp section i can use

    hello Is there an amp I can use that has a pre amp in so i can use my Mesa studio pre amp in or a power amp section I have a budget of 500 to 700
  15. MikeSweeney

    Just wondering

    Has any one made a super strat V would be cool an RG with the King V Fins and Rg headstock
  16. MikeSweeney

    Any one ever think

    has any one ever think hey megadeth she wolf kinda sounds like a iron maiden
  17. MikeSweeney


    I just got a New/Old Mesa Boogie studio pre amp and its awesome just looking for a Redbox now
  18. MikeSweeney

    What would you say the best live album would be

    We all here CD but what really show true talent would to sound good as you do in the studio right. What would you say the best live album would be. If metallica made Metallica - Live Shit Seattle (1989) into a cd ill say that but they used a part so sad. Lamb of god - killadelphia...
  19. MikeSweeney

    New Ibanze 7 HT

    Ibanez RG927QMF (Premium RG 7-String, Red Desert) |