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  1. Warg Master

    VHT Ultralead

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: VHT Pitbull Ultralead w/EQ Older VHT model with KT88s please Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): footswitch Your Location (City,State or City,Country): SLC, Utah International OK?: no Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here References (eBay or other forum userid)...
  2. Warg Master


    Last year I was on the hunt for an old M-II. Had one back in the day along with a KH2... 15 years ago? So I got all nostalgic and found an old M-II to .... around with, see if I was missing anything. I found one and lo and behold, it was just as fantastic as I remember! Can't remember why I...
  3. Warg Master

    DiMarzio Illuminator 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Illuminator 7 Bridge Black preferably with black poles... Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): SLC, UT International OK? : Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM! References (eBay or other forum...
  4. Warg Master

    Baritone String Gauge

    I just bought an old OLP Baritone guitar. I'm looking for same strings to slap on there when it arrive as I'll be swapping in and out some pickups. What gauge does everyone here use? I've browsed through a few threads and people seem to mention some lighter gauge than I'm looking at purchasing...
  5. Warg Master

    JP70 Matte black with StoneTone Block

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: JP70 In good condition, Matte black. Plays very well. Sounds phenomenal Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Stone Tone Rock Block (38mm) trem block replacement ($180!) Location (City,State or City,Country): SLC, UT...
  6. Warg Master

    NGD (Late): ESP M-II Deluxe Barely Legal.

    Got this last week... been busy,... Yeah, yeah, pics first! Many years ago I had a KH2 model and a few other ESP models. Got into music man. Got a divorce and my guitar collection got really small. Been building it back up again over the years and last month I got a...
  7. Warg Master

    Line 6 M-13

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Line 6 m-13 stomp box modeler. Previous owner added Velcro to the bottom. The tap switch sometimes like to be finicky, but nothing too bad, still works. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Power Supply Location...
  8. Warg Master

    ESP M-II preferably neck-thru

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Any older ESP M-II Deluxe or no. Preference for Neck-Thru and darker wood fretboard. Black preferred. Passives also preferred, but EMGs are okay, Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hard case preferred. Your Location (City,State or City,Country): SLC, UT...
  9. Warg Master

    Mesa Mark V

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Mark V in nearly mint condition. Never gigged. Stored in its cover in my home. Original tags, Manual, shipping box. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Slip cover, pristine footswitch Location (City,State or...
  10. Warg Master

    NGD Carvin 727... PIIIICS! (Heavy Pics)

    What's this? Could it be???? YES!! WOOOOD! She's excited too! Well ..... 7 7 7. I've got the bug and this satisfies like no other. This may be a workhorse build for some, but this thing is just BEAUTIFUL! Mahogany, 5pc neck Mahogany walnut and...
  11. Warg Master

    NAD: Laney IRT60H

    It was a day later than estimated... Christmas season. That's okay. I was worth the wait. Got a deal on this baby, and now I see why. There was a standard amp handle added to it.... not really sure why, it has two handles already. Doesn't affect the tone though, I removed it and moved on...
  12. Warg Master

    Eminence Man 0' War 12" 16 ohm X2

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Eminence Man 0' War 12" 16 ohm Loudspeakers. X2. Like new. Very low hours on these. Not my cup. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Eminence Picks? Location (City,State or City,Country): SLC, USA International OK? : No...
  13. Warg Master

    EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream Fully Loaded

    Will take a beefy slinky set! No Sweat! Here's the auction! Go get it! :hbang: 2012 Music Man JP6 with Piezo Mystic Dream Excellent Condition | eBay?
  14. Warg Master

    Onboard boost

    I'm looking for some sort of on board boots to add to a couple of my guitars. I'm not fond of the Idea of pedal overdrive boost. Well, I'm fond of that Idea, but I want to put it in my guitar(s) in a push/pull pot. I've played some JP13s with this feature and I have a Majesty with this...
  15. Warg Master

    NGD: JP70

    It's been a while since I've had a 7 string. Had a nice Ibanez 1527 somewhere around 10 years ago.. it was sold due to GAS. A couple of years ago I purchased an off brand Chinese guitar to see if I wanted to get back into it. The guitar was pretty awful.. I thought changing the pickups would...
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    Been lurking here forever. No sevens, but looking! Had a couple Ibby sevens in the past, and some no names.... Been playing for 19 years. :shred: