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  1. Matt08642

    NGD: RG550 Bring Sunglasses Edition

    Finally picked up one of my all-time dream guitars – an RG550 in Desert Sun Yellow! Not an unfamiliar guitar for me since I already have a few RGs, but the color makes you play faster obviously… Bought this from Rich at @Ibanez Rules with the Silver package for setup, which is absolutely nuts...
  2. Matt08642

    NPD - Single coils be gone!

    Ripped out the traditional SSS pickguard and popped some DiMarzio Evolutions in my Player Strat with just a volume knob. Was going to put in normal Vol/Tone/Tone but couldn't find any capacitors so thought... What the hell I'll have to get some nylon plugs for the 2 tone knob holes, but liking...
  3. Matt08642

    Going from SSS to HSS, 250k or 500k pots?

    Looking at making my SSS Strat HSS, maybe a Super Distortion or JB - Should I switch the pots to 500k or leave the 250k pots in?
  4. Matt08642

    Difference between Levy’s MSS1 and MSS2 straps?

    Want to get a new strap and these two look the same aside from one being garment leather and the other being veg-tan leather, can anyone let me know what the difference is here? Their site doesn’t really offer any kinds of descriptions I can see, so I’m guessing it’s just how the leather feels?
  5. Matt08642

    NGD: M80M

    TL;DR: It’s sick, pics at the bottom! I’ve wanted an 8-string since they became more commonplace initially just for Meshuggah riffs... And honestly still mostly just for those riffs :lol: Took some time to look things up and see what I’d want and found that most 8-strings had some element of...
  6. Matt08642

    Question about StudioOne or other DAWs

    I've been dabbling in recording the last few months since getting a decent interface, and I'm noticing the limitations of what's built in to Cakewalk - Up til now I've basically been using it as an IR loader with NadIR, but want to start recording more stuff. Something I've felt is lacking is...
  7. Matt08642

    Will a new interface improve my latency?

    So I wanted to experiment with software IR loaders (nadIR) using Cakewalk (Is this app trash now? let me know), and the latency is pretty high using my current setup: Amp FX send > POD X3 in with no effects/amp on > USB to computer > DAW with live monitoring on a track with a software IR loader...
  8. Matt08642

    Will a new interface improve latency when live monitoring in a DAW?

    EDIT: Can this just get sent to hell? Moving to the recording forum
  9. Matt08642

    NPD: Blaze

    Felt the PAF 7 in my 752 was getting stale, and after watching a ton of videos decided on the DiMarzio Blaze as the next iteration of bridge pickup for this thing: Went from the PAF to a Crunch Lab almost immediately after buying the guitar, then to a Titan because I had no idea what I was...
  10. Matt08642

    NPD: Waza Delay

    It's cool! Does what it says on the box lol. Not much to say about a delay, but I dig it.
  11. Matt08642

    NBD - Ibanez SR505E

    Well, picked up my first bass today (SR505E, Made in Indonesia) The good: - Fit and finish, it plays and feels amazing. Raw wood on the neck is smoother than any of my guitars - Action is set at Fender spec (2.4mm bass, 2mm treble) and there's no buzzing or issues - Pickups and EQ system...
  12. Matt08642

    NAD: Katana 50

    It's cool! Out of the box it wasn't anything special to be honest. The defaults for everything give you a general idea, but the best tones come from sitting down with the Katana editor on a computer and messing with stuff. I was actually surprised how expansive the effects, settings, channels...
  13. Matt08642

    Who here has tried the Dimarzio Imperium 7 string pickups?

    I recently put the PAF7 back in my RG752fx (replaced a Titan, which replaced a Crunch Lab, which replaced the PAF I just put back in lol) and it's gotten me curious about lower output 7 string pickups. Taking a look on the Dimarzio site, I saw that the Imperium 7 is the lowest output 7 string...
  14. Matt08642

    Quick nut slot file question

    Hi guys, I'm going to order a set of nut files that includes the following gauges: .010/.013/.016/.024/.028/.032/.036/.042/.046/.056 I plan on widening the E A D nut slots on my Strat to accommodate .026/.036/.046/ strings (these currently bind at the nut) What's the general rule for...
  15. Matt08642

    NGD: Fender Player Strat

    Well, I didn't think I'd actually go back and pick this one up within a week of playing it, but here we are :lol: So far I'm really enjoying it. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't based entirely on Nick Johnston's new album, I really just wanted that single coil sound on something I owned...
  16. Matt08642

    How do I know if a Nazgul/Sentient 6 string set has a trembucker spaced bridge?

    So I'm looking at a Nazgul/Sentient set, and when I look on reverb I see a lot of sets, but none of them really specify if the bridge is trembucker spaced. Even SDs site doesn't really specify this. Are all the preboxed sets normal spaced or trembucker? Examples...
  17. Matt08642

    EMG 81 a lot noisier than SD AHB1-B/Stock passive pickups in other guitars

    Hey everyone, I have a PRS Torero that came with EMG 81/85s, but the original owner swapped them for SD AHB1 blackouts. Yesterday I got some EMGs (81 and 85 again) and they seem weirdly noisy. Here's 2 clips showing the noise difference just sitting on my 5150 patch with nothing being played...
  18. Matt08642

    NA(ccessory)D - Ibanez E-JACK

    Holy shit. This thing is INCREDIBLE for adjusting intonation on an EDGE/Lo-Pro EDGE/Edge Pro trem. Literally anyone who has one of those needs to buy this tool. The second pic is me attempting to show how you use it on your saddle. The front peg goes in the saddle and the back claw wraps...
  19. Matt08642

    Durable short cables for pedalboard

    Hey everyone, I decided I finally have enough pedals that they justify putting them on the board I made years ago. Which cables do you all use for short runs between pedals? I bought these Planet Waves ones a while back, and 2 were DOA, then in the replacement pack, 1 was DOA, so I don't want...
  20. Matt08642

    The hell's up with EBMM's sloppy soldering in this photo?

    This photo is on the EBMM site here: This seems... really sloppy for an $1800 guitar An example of something I'd be expect on an MIA guitar: