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    WTB B.C. Rich Stealth

    Anybody willing to part with their B.C. Rich Stealth? Looking for the Korean Import model. Was hoping B.C. Rich would put out their Import Korean models out like they said but getting tired of waiting.
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    Laser Engraving

    I've been interested for a while in buying a cheap Laser Engraver to make some projects for friends and family. Was wondering if any one has one, which model do you have and how it's going so far? What do you recommend?
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    Seymour Duncan Black Winter sounds off

    I've had my Caparison Horus for a few months now, and I noticed the SD Black Winter bridge pickup sounds off, does not sound like a full humbucker. It is very bright and harsh and almost sounds like a single coil. I spoke to someone else who has one, and they described their pickup as having...
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    Vader 2x12 Vertical Cab

    Very happy that my Vader 2x12 finally arrived. I haven't plugged it in yet since I still can't decide which power amp to get for my FM3. Has any one heard of the Ritter GBA 280?
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    Laney FRFR Cab clipping

    Hey, got a question here. I am running an FM3 into a Laney FRFR 1X12 Cab that sounds awesome at low volumes but once I get to rehearsal with a drummer and singer I turn up the volume in my FM3 and the FRFR cab starts to clip, I can barely hear myself, and I just need a small volume push and the...
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    Which cables do i need for an FRFR?

    I am finally going the FRFR route with my Digitech GSP1101, AX8, and the FM3. I'm looking at getting the Laney LFR112. Don't have any knowledge of what exact cables to use and which input to use... I've always just hooked up my preamps to my amps power amp section.
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    Help finding the right Stratocaster...

    I've been playing Jackson guitars for years, I have a Soloist and a Japanese DK which I love, but lately been looking at some cool Strats for sale in my area. I mostly play a lot of 90's and Technical Death Metal, but once in a while I break out some blues and rock stuff. I was looking for a...
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    Update on old Greco Les Paul

    Bought this Greco Les Paul Custom back in November, It needed some work, it went out of tune very easily, parts were rusting, pickups were very noisy and low output with a lot of microphonic feedback. Getting used to those fretless wonder style frets took a while but now that I adjusted the neck...
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    NGD Jackson RRT5

    Saw this on the Offerup app but it was labeled as a JS Series V with case for $300. I took it right away cause it's actually a Pro Series RRT5 with 2 Seymour Duncan Distortions, Ebony Fret board, Pearloid inlays, and the original Jackson case! Plays great, had to raise the action since it was...
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    Is this Greco Les Paul worth buying?

    I have been looking to buy a Greco Les Paul for a while now but all the one's I am looking at ship from Japan and I have no experience buying guitars from Japan. I found this Greco about 1hour away from where I live, can any one tell me what model it is and if it's worth getting? Should I wait...
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    Looking to upgrade my amp situation but stuck on what to get..

    I started a new higher paying job a few months ago and so far it's been going great so I got some extra cash to finally upgrade my amp. Currently I own an Ampeg SS70 1x12 combo which I have had for close to 10 years now. It can nail that early 90's Death Metal on its own and I also tighten the...
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    NPD: Donner Mini Alpha FX Pedal

    Just got this Reverb, Delay, Chorus mini pedal. I needed something that could do all for very cheap and decided to go with this pedal. The effects are decent enough for what I need, but having some issues. I am using this pedal with my Ampeg SS70 1x12 combo. In the clean channel the sounds are...
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    Deeds Of Flesh - Erik Lindmark has passed away.

    Scrolling through Facebook this morning and saw a photo of Guitarist/Vocalist of Deeds of Flesh and it said RIP. I haven't seen any details yet about his passing. I heard they were working on a new album and was stocked to hear some new Deeds.
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    What is a good 12inch speaker for my Ampeg SS?

    So i have had my Ampeg SS 70 watt 1x12 combo for a good 7 years now, It is perfect for the early 90's Death Metal style I do, I run an Amptweaker Tight Drive Jr in front and it's killer sounding but lately I have been wanting to change the speaker for a different tone. It has a Celestion...
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    Help with choosing the right size of pickup covers.

    Hello, I'd like some help with choosing the right size of plastic pickup covers for a pair of Jackson pickups that will be a direct tight fit. Here are some links to a few I'm looking at. Thanks.
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    NGD: Jackson King V JS32 Series

    After many years of playing Super Strats and Les Paul style guitars, I finally ordered a King V from AMS 3 days ago and it arrived yesterday. I never played a V before and was curious about how it would feel, play, or balance. I am really happy with my MIJ DKMG and wasn't sure about the JS...
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    (NPD) Amptweaker TightDrive JR

    Finally decided on a overdrive pedal for my old Ampeg SS70. I am very pleased with it. The Ampeg has enough gain for that early 90s Death Metal but I felt like it needed an extra kick in the ass to tighten it up and make it sound more clear and focused. The Noise Gate is awesome, build...
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    NGD Effin Guitars Les Paul Style.

    Been looking for a cheap back up guitar for a few weeks now and I found this Les Paul style guitar from Effin Guitars which I have never heard of but I think they might be some sort of Stagg rebrand? But for $180 I thought I check em out and see whats up. I ordered the Black Lesskustom model...
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    Guitar Amp Volume fades in and out

    Hey guys, I have a show to play in a few months and I am having some issues with my solid state 1987 Ampeg SS70 combo, The volume seems to fade out and then it cuts out completley and then the volume returns after about a minute. It is the only amp I own, It has played perfectly fine all these...
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    Info on this Jackson GC37 BC

    Hey guys, any one know any info on this Jackson GC37 Black Cherry model? I was offered this as a trade for my Chinese B.C. Rich Gunslinger (white finish) with a Seymour Duncan Distortion. Love Jacksons, not a fan of the finish but can be refinished someday.