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  1. mehegama

    NGD: Skervesen Nebelung 6 "Souls"

    I finally got my custom Nebelung 6 after about 14 months of wait. I was always intrigued by the Skervesen Raptor designs and as an avid Horizon player, the Nebelung design is a beautiful twist to the Horizon and really love it. Also as a Souls series fan, i wanted a relevant style on the guitar...
  2. mehegama

    FS ESP Horizon Custom 1988 in Ferrari Red with "lawsuit" headstock

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP Horizon Custom 1988 in Ferrari Red with "lawsuit" headstock Modifications (if any): None, all originals. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original ESP Hardcase Location (City,State or City,Country): NYC, NY International OK? : Can be discussed...
  3. mehegama

    Horizon Custom 1988 Ferrari red with lawsuit headstock

    I m selling my rare ESP Horizon Custom with the Jackson style “lawsuit” headstock. Shipping in the US can be arranged.
  4. mehegama

    ESP SS-120 neck pickup RARE-George Lynch’s Kamikaze neck pickup
  5. mehegama

    info about Ibanez RG series

    Could someone enlighten me with the RG series? I mean which years and series are considered the best?
  6. mehegama

    ESP Horizon vintage 1990 custom shop with Jackson headstock - see thru cherry sunburst
  7. mehegama

    Help with 6 digit ESP serial numbers

    Has anyone a late 80s ESP MIJ with a 6 digit serial stamped on the back of the headstock? I m trying to get more info on this as people have cracked the 8/7 digit and the 5 digit one but not the 6. As far as I know the 8/7 was used in all guitars made in Japan form 87 till 2000. The 5 digit...