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  1. Dekay82

    NGD- Insert Metal Guitar Pun Here

    EGC Standard/Maybe King Buzzo. So I got it. Its pretty rad. Shiny, heavy, and the thinnest neck ever. Maybe not quite as thin as my RG570, but its just about there. And not as narrow. Unplugged, its very resonant. Plugged in, the pups sound great, like my 1980 LPC. A smidge bright. It came...
  2. Dekay82

    NGD EII Eclipse

    Got a year end bonus at work and more importantly, wifey’s approval. Let’s do this. Copped this “artist owned” EII Eclipse off Reverb from a great seller. I’m a big Gibson guy, but I wanted to branch out. I have a LTD KH-602 and an og ESP SRC6 in see through green...
  3. Dekay82

    Got my hands on a Sparrowhawk

    Haven't seen any threads on this, so I figured I'd throw my two cents in here. I didn't buy it, I was i. GC for some small stuff. I just built a tele partscaster and purchased a Brent Hinds V so, Im set on NGDs for a minute. But lets get down to it- Right off the bat, first impression was...
  4. Dekay82

    Lace Sensor Golds?

    I'm thinking about buying one of those loaded pickguards to put in my MIM Strat, but I wanted to see if anybody else had an opinion on them first. I use that guitar mainly for a bluesy, jazzy style and I like the smoothness I've seen from these pickups on youtube. The Texas Special pickups...
  5. Dekay82

    Double NGD? DOUBLE NGD (and a couple of others)

    This is half belated. Wifey got me an ESP LTD KH-602 for Christmas. This morning I picked up my green ESP SRC-6. LTD haters be damned, because I actually prefer the KH to the SRC. That M-ii neck is just too sweet and the EMG's blow away the Duncan. Which isn't to say I don't love the SRC. Its a...
  6. Dekay82

    Hello from New Yawk

    Not much to say here, I'm 33, married and retired from my rock days. Been playing about 17 years. Current setup: Ibanez rg 570 w/emg 81 in the bridge and Floyd trem Mexican strat, stock Jagstang Marshall avt150h and Marshall cab I'm looking to get the rust off my fingers and expand my...