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  1. SharkGun

    Trade offer, any opinions?

    I got an offer to trade my ESP LTD Alexi 600 Blacky (which I love lol) for a MIJ ibanez rg1451 prestige with bare knuckle holy diver pickups and custom tree of life inlays and a few other little things. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, thought Id get some opinions, I dont know much about...
  2. SharkGun

    Trade offer, any opinions?

  3. SharkGun


    Ive been waiting anxiously for almost a month for this to ship out here! Damn beauty I must say. Hell of a steal for 275 + shipping!! xD Hell yeah! lol classic from japan model. LOVE IT! aha :shred::hbang::scream:
  4. SharkGun

    Whatchu guys think? MIJ Fender Strat

    Just got this, it is on the way right now, I'm pretty stoked, but I'm more partial to V's It's a Contemporary Fender Stratocaster (I think its a 1985 or 1986, I'll do more research when I get it in the next few days.) I've never seen one in HH so I think it may have been altered but still a...
  5. SharkGun

    OLD Fender Super Reverb amp..

    Hey guys, I've never been very knowledgable about amps and cabs and all that stuff, but when my step mum moved in, I inherited an old Fender Super Reverb Amp. I see a few similar go for alot of money, but never do I see the same amp. The one I have has the Fender logo in WHITE, and its in the...
  6. SharkGun

    When you finally get a guitar...

    I love that feeling. When you have a guitar you KNOW you want so badly, and you finally get one! I've been trying to get a MIJ Fender Contemporary Stratocaster with the smooth black neck for a few years now. I've finally tracked one down on a random forum, and I am stolked! Will be shipped...
  7. SharkGun

    The Me.

    Hello! My name's Justin. I'm new to these forums, been window shopping and browsing for a few days, and I love what I see so far. Some really nice guitars on here, things I could only dream of, and the community is so knowledgable and respectful of each other. Ive been teaching myself...