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    JHS Muffuletta. 6 Big Muffs in one

    *insert obligatory muff joke here*
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    looks like they tried to make a pointy version of ibanez. I like the reverse version
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    A little help with old Jacksons

    about 90 percent of my friends go there atm. How many of them will make it through is iffy at best. And I'm normally at least a set neck guy, but the old MIJ dinky that I played the other day was just insane.
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    Gelvin guitars

    I've been interested too. the prices on some of the guitars seem super reasonable for handbuilt in the united states.
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    A little help with old Jacksons

    Thanks, thats what I needed to know! off topic, but did you go to MSU?
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    A little help with old Jacksons

    so if I understand correctly, the guitars are similar as far as quality goes but the hardware on the pro series puts it in another league.
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    A little help with old Jacksons

    what I would like to know about the DK2M's is how do they compare as far as fretwork, and fit and finish, to the earlier MIJ models? I would probably end up replacing a lot of the hardware anyway.
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    A little help with old Jacksons

    So, I've been looking at getting a new guitar and some old jackson dinky's have caught my eye. I was wondering what the deal was on the old (2007 era) dk2ms and how they compare to the old 90's professional ones, which i've heard are kinda the holy grail of used jacksons. any help is super...
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    New LTD Day

    that white one though. I might need one of those.
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    NGD Claas Moby Dick Prototype!

    eh not enough bolts on the neck. HNGD its definitely a unique piece.
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    Brent Hinds Epiphone Signature / He's pissed at Gibson content

    yeah not at all surprised that gibson didn't really give a shit about giving him a signature. why would they spend all of the time and money making signature guitars, when they can put out another les paul model and make shitloads of money? they don't need a giant artist roster with a bunch of...
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    Why I'm "over" Ibanez (long)

    What about the used prestige market. I've seen prestige RG's go for as low as 500. for that price I think its a good deal.
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    Ola Englund demos the CabClone!

    I like the sound that I'm getting but it isn't really in line with the earlier demo's that I saw of it.
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    Which is the best guitar cables currently?

    I use a company called south creek audio, above average cables at low prices. They are heavy duty and I could tell the difference between them and my cheapo cables as far as sound goes, so if that means anything to you.
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    Carvin now offering thinner/thicker neck profiles!

    anyone know how thin the thin profile is?
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    Bolt Thrower IVth Crusade guitar tone

    I know that both guitarists use the same really old rack setups. I like Hughes and kettner for imitating it. that being said, for the most part their absolutely massive and ridiculous sound comes from their writing style.
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    Find my guitar by spec

    carvin build?
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    Thinking About cutting my hair.

    Thanks for the replies, any way to keep my hair still "metal" I really don't like the TesseracT look, just not really my thing, ya know? Edit: Spelling
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    Thinking About cutting my hair.

    So I have had long hair for two years, and its starting to be a little bit much. It's in the way a lot, its harder to take care of, its socially ostracizing, difficult to dress up for formal events, and more expensive. anyway, looking for opinions should I cut it or not, I look kinda like...
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    Favorite wood for guitar...

    I find the difference negligible. I go with what feels right to me.

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