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  1. Chris

    Sherman Compound Scale Fanned Fret 8 String

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: This is the sister guitar to Kevin's Sherman 8, which won GOTM a while back. This was delivered by Mike today, and while I won't go into the details in this thread (nor will I answer questions about those details), suffice it to say that this...
  2. Chris

    NGD? Swirl project (almost) done...

    Figured you lads might appreciate this. The paint is ridiculous - it looks almost neon in sunlight, and darker indoors, so it's hard as hell to photograph. Started with this body, pic from the painter: And this neck... Added some parts (Edge pro, Evos, clear cavity covers, tons...
  3. Chris

    NGD? Swirl project (almost) done...

  4. Chris

    Bare Knuckle Miracle Man calibrated seven string set

    I picked these up for an EBMM JP7, but they don't fit (JP routes are too tight). They're brand new, 4-conductor. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: BKP MM Calibrated Set, Black covers. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Beer Coaster Location...
  5. Chris

    Ibanez RG7s: 2027XVV / RG7620

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2000 RG2027XVV and 1998 RG7620. Modifications (if any): See below. Accessories (hardshell case etc): HSC on both. Location (City,State or City,Country): Massachusetts Contact Info (No Phone #s): Here, MG References Required (eBay or other forum...
  6. Chris


    Cross-post warning! ;) Naturally, it's cloudy out here today so these pics do it no justice. Thing is GORGEOUS. It does have the shields and Piezo bridge. (I didn't really care about the piezo, but hey, why not?) I totally stole this thing from Amazon. :lol:
  7. Chris

    Picked up my Axe-II today.

    And it is AMAZING. Also, a little secret special sauce, since I seem to spend more time at the Fractal shop than my own job lately. :lol: I can't really compare the unreleased firmware to the current one since I upgraded on the day I got it, but I will say that there isn't a single...
  8. Chris

    NGD: KXK 7SC Prototype (Singlecut Seven String)

    This is a cross-post from MG, but everyone does it to me, so it's my turn. :lol: Plus, I really want to give KxK the attention they deserve - both for making such a gorgeous guitar and because Rob was so good to deal with. After an agonizing past few days of watching UPS update my tracking...
  9. Chris

    Some pics of my new music room.

    I'm only about 3/4 done with it, but most of what's left is just cleaning, cabling and picking up a few bits for the walls. I'd call it a studio, but it's a home office/gaming room/man-cave-on-the-second-floor, really. There's an Ultra in there, some HD1221s, a 6505, lots of Strymon pedals...
  10. Chris

    If you're considering the HD1221..

    Edit: *Also, if you're considering the HD1221, definitely go for it. I finally got around to setting up my Ultra with a stereo pair of them tonight, and they are fantastic. Super hi-fi, transparent as can be and my goodness are they LOUD. With the output on the Mackies at 9:00, I literally...
  11. Chris

    I have some new gear.

    Not exactly set up, since I'm painting ceilings in the room it's going into, but anyway.. Axe-Fx Ultra, 6505+, Roadster, Recto 412, two HD1221s. :yesway:
  12. Chris

    A few pics of my fanned 8 in progress.

    I figured you lads might enjoy some maple goodness. 25.5 to 28.5 compound scale, flame maple fretboard on a seven piece maple and wenge through neck. Mahogany body, flame maple top. Nordstrand Pickups, Sherman proto Bridge. I play 80's shred metal. Should be a good time. :)
  13. Chris

    Carvin DC727

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Excellent condition DC727, with a couple of, uh, character-adding "features". Modifications (if any): I broke the damn tremolo arm screw on the LFR while whoop-whooping. Now the guitar is slightly lighter, which adds more tone! Accessories (hardshell...
  14. Chris

    Peterson Stroborack

    Thing is awesome. :yesway:
  15. Chris

    NGD: RG550 / JEM / Mutt (Penny!)

    This thing is impossible to photograph. It looks a bit more orange than it really is - the color is more like an old penny. Metallic Brazen Orange (Mopar paint) with a black burst, and the fade-in from the black to the orange just doesn't want to come out in pics. It's also overcast today, which...
  16. Chris

    Some quick BKP Porn for you guys.

    Just got done throwing some Aftermaths in my Carvin SC. First impression: :metal:
  17. Chris

    NGD: (Carvin USA SC)

    Everyone likes guitar porn, right? Mahogany body and neck, 25" scale, markerless ebony board, 12" radius, Sperzel satin locking tuners, Schaller chrome strap locks, ivory Graphtech nut, stainless med-jumbo frets, two volume/two tone w/push-pull coil splitters and satin finish on the back of...
  18. Chris

    NGD: RG-Anomaly

    Just wanted to cross-post this. Rob (RobAnomaly) does some amazing work. Cherry body, JB in the bridge, YJM Fury Stack forward, Hipshot, Sperzels, AANJ 22-fretter from an Ibby S-Series. This makes my, uh, 10th or so RG, (I think.. I have a lot of RGs..) and it's definitely unique. :)
  19. Chris

    Peterson iStrobosoft (quick video)

    Hey lads, For those of you not on my site, I made a quick video of the Peterson strobe software for the iPhone. Disregard me calling it a tumor (:lol:), I always feel like an asshole talking to myself into the camera, but that aside - it's absolutely worth picking up. Have a peek.

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