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    A389 Records Free Mixtape/Sampler

    Yeah, so this got released on the 1st, which is why I'm guessing no-one has posted it. Sorry if it has been, searched and found nothing. But it's fucking killer so I felt like sharing. It wont please everyone, but it's free, so go shit in a hat and wear it. A389 Recordings Digital Mixtape...
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    Peavey Valveking or Blackstar HT-50?

    Hey, guys. I know it's not a cool hing to do a thread like this having first started out but I've read some good recommendations on other threads to I figured I'd ask a question. I'm looking to get a tube amp, I currently play through my bass combo with a Digitech death metal distortion pedal...
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    The new guy from Texas

    Hey, guys. Been a lurker for a while and so I figured I'd finally join. I'm a rhythm guitarist and bass player with music tastes to no one around here seems to share. I listen to anything that uses real instruments but play grind, punk and sludge metal. Some of my favorite bands are GISM, Faith...

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