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    waza metalzone

    I'm sold.
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    Wiring for a blow switch

    Marc, thank you for the explanation, it's perfectly detailed, and will definitely make this process a lot easier. And thanks for the tip on the emery board Tony. It's been a few years since I have warmed up the soldering iron, so lets see if I can't go and make a bunch of cold joints.
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    Wiring for a blow switch

    Hello, I have been looking into adding a blow switch in the form of a push-pull tone pot on my Yamaha 821DX, and have been wracking my brains over how to do the wiring properly. I haven't been able to find any original wiring diagrams for the guitar, so I have gone through all the connections...
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    New flame maple Caparison TAT specials for 2017

    Those are certainly nice guitars, and I don't mind the finish options, but I really wish the six string models didn't have the pickup rings, like the seven string.
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    [DOUBLE NGD] Jackson RR5 & HWY1 Strat!

    Congrats, man. Every time I see a strat on here my GAS starts to rise..especially with the new american deluxe models..
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    Price Check! [Not sure if a guitar you're selling is priced right, post here.]

    I'm looking at selling my 2013 Carvin DC727. I'm not really sure on the resell value of Carvin guitars today. Its a pretty basic spec: Mahogany Body 5 piece walnut and maple neck Rosewood Fretboard w/ no inlays Stainless Steel Jumbo frets Graph Tech saddles Locking Tuners Tung Oil finish and...
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    Steve Vai's Guitar "Bo" Recovered

    I had never heard of them myself. Here a couple links to some info on them: The Last Word in Tremolo Stabilization
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    NGD! PRS 30th Anni 10top with Rosewood Neck

    Very nice guitar. Every time I see a rosewood neck it gets me GASing.
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    NGD: Pacifica

    Thanks all. I still can't decide if I am excited more by the guitar or by the price.
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    NGD: Pacifica

    Got a deal on a Yamaha Pacifica 821DX off of Craigslist. There is some minor cosmetic damage to the guitar, but pics describe better than words: And the damage visible after removal of the Dunlop sticker: Small chip near the input jack. All in All I am happy with the purchase, it...
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    Yamaha Pacifica

    Thanks or the information and assuaging my fears of wasted time. Definitely going to go pick it up if he is still selling today. And to canuck brian, if I end up not liking it I can certainly do that for you.
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    Yamaha Pacifica

    From what little the seller knows, it has dimarzio pickups. No idea if they are the originals.
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    Yamaha Pacifica

    Hello all, just a quick question for you. A guy near me is selling a Yamaha Pacifica 821DX for around $200. I have done a bunch of google searching and just cant find much info on this guitar to tell if its a good deal or not. Do any of you guys know about/have this specific model of guitar? Thanks.
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    Yamaha Pacifica

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    Yamaha THR10X - Any good?

    I have a Roland Cube 30 for my at home amp right now, which I just use lined into my computer, and I am looking at the THR10 as a replacement. Have any of you guys had/have a cube? How does the THR10 compare. I can't decide if it would be an upgrade or not.
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Something about the new design is just off for me. It doesn't feel optimized, lots of empty white space on most of the pages, navigation is a bit iffy when you start getting into the product sub menus. I like the general direction though.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Going to switch over to a rack unit on a budget, so a GSP1101 and a carvin power amp most likely. Nice and simple.
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    What's In Your Rack?

    What do you guys recommend for the actual rack rails/cases? I am looking to build a rack system for myself soon and everything I have seen so far is either flimsy or horribly expensive.
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    What picks do you use?

    Gravity picks sunrise jazz size 1.5mm Love those picks, but the price really kills me.
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    A reminder for warming up.

    I thought I would post a reminder to my fellow players on the importance of warming up and down before and after playing, not only for the improvements of your playing, but for your health as well. I find it is something that is commonly passed over or seen as not truly being something that is...

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