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    Things to do in Calgary

    No offence taken, even the residents know that the city sucks.
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    Whaling and Sea Shepards

    Most of the whales taken are Minke whales, which are not anywhere close to endangered. I don't support the taking of critically endangered species. Species of a lesser concern would be fine if the catch was sustainable in terms of their overall growth (Iceland taking 10 whales of a...
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    Carvin 8 Strings Available!!

    Are the pickups in it EMG-sized?
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    New MESHUGGAH Ibanez 8 string signature model WOOT!

    It's a nice guitar. In fact, I'd say this is the closest a guitar manufacturer has come to releasing the perfect guitar for me. For what it is, that's not really a bad price. But in the end, I want a black single-pickup ash superstrat with a long scale, not an Ibanez black single-pickup ash...
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    My universe AND jem were stolen on my birthday :(

    The only thing I have to add to this is to implore you to think long and hard before you take any serious courses of action. If you don't handle this right, he has shown that he is severely troubled, and it could end up horribly. Regardless of what you do, he will almost certainly come back to...
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    Beginner at squats

    Make sure that you rest the bar on your shoulders, not your neck or your spine. Go below 90 degrees on the squat. Set the rack so that it's at a comfortable height to unrack the bar from. Don't round your back, that can fuck your back up badly. Don't bother putting pads or anything on the bar...
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    Cigar thread.

    "When cigar smokers don’t inhale or smoke few cigars per day, the risks are only slightly above those who never smoked.[35] The increased risk for those smoking 1–2 cigars per day is too small to be statistically significant,[34] and the health risks of the 3/4 of cigar smokers who smoke less...
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    Gibson reintroduces Explorer bass!

    Thunderbird pickups have a reputation for sounding extremely muddy. The bridge apparently has major issues with intonation and stability. (same bridge design as they use on the SG basses IIRC)
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    Bond 23: Skyfall

    Craig is one of my favorite Bonds and I like the tone and direction of the new films (other then the parts where QoS sucked, like the plot). If the plot for this better, they seem to have a solid handle on the action, so it should be great.
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    P90 for doom/sludge/stoner

    BKP Pig 90. This is a P90 modeled after the Warpig (ultimate doom humbucker). Do it.
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    Anti-depressants for anxiety: Opinions?

    I took SSRIs for chemical depression and they turned me into a fucking robot. I wasn't depressed anymore, but I lost all of my motivation and they took away many of my positive emotions as well. I quit cold turkey and spent a while contemplating my life; and while I do get depressed on occasion...
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    Update on hurricane kitty: Last week before adoption.

    I could never rescue cats. I love cats, but if I rescued them I wouldn't be able to let any of them go and I'd end up as the crazy cat man.
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    Peta seeks to expand 13th emendment to protect animals

    Yes, yes it will. We are resourceful enough that, given a crisis situation short of total annihilation, we can find a way to work around the crisis and survive as a race. We could isolate those affected by a pandemic and try and cure them, devise a new way to extract water, mass produce...
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    Carvin 8 Strings Available!!

    Not sure about the other thousands, but I refuse to buy a guitar unless it is exactly to my specs. There are many guitars that I would strongly consider buying if it weren't for one or two minor details. I admit complaining on a forum isn't going to do anything, but I think my reasons for not...
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    Peta seeks to expand 13th emendment to protect animals

    When animals progress beyond their current level (which is at best that of a retarded child), then I'll stop considering myself superior to them. I am superior because the level of intelligence I possess is exponentially higher then that of the smartest animal. I hate the "we're not superior...
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    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Music is about the music for me, not the ability to play an instrument. A good album produced entirely on a computer is on the same level as a good album recorded on instruments.
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    Carvin 8 Strings Available!!

    Pickup rings look like ass, so do bass housings. I'd think that they wouldn't design and produce their own pickups for such a niche thing (i.e. they'd put Dimarzio 8 strings in them or something), but that seems too logical for Carvin.
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    Sc 607b questions

    It's like a middle single coil on a (super)strat, you get used to it. You can raise/lower it if you want. They are great guitars, but if possible I'd play them, or at least something similar to try and see if it feels right.
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    NGD - Agile 9 String

    No, I'd prefer it to be straight-fretted honestly. I don't mind the sound of the high strings on a >28" scale unless I'm trying to do jazz, and based on my experience with the feel of multiscale basses, fanned frets are less optimal for huge chords, which I do lots of. I'd consider a 9 but I...
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    Guy Marchais signature specs/pics

    Kahlers rock, this is on my list of 6 strings that I'd seriously consider buying for my next guitar.