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    I'm trying to develop a very "stringy" bass tone

    I have a part in the beginning of my sing with open guitars and a bass line playing over it i want to sound really stringy and bright however I cant seem to get it to pop right here is an example of the kind of bass tone i am looking for
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    Vocalign is adding distortion when used

    So I recently purchased Vocalign. I am quad tracking screaming vocals not for a doubled take sound but basically to add more body and fullness to the vocals. The problem I am having though is with Vocalign. I tried using it with the screams and when I align everything it adds loud clipping...
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    Rate my mix

    The Burden of Dreams by alex-vasquez on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Where would i go to post my own band for people to listen to?

    I havent really found anywhere to post my own music on here without feeling like im spamming is there anywhere i can do that?
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    How the hell do you get this effect?

    At 2:13 everything pulls down completely this was recorded in logic 9 but I for the life of me cant figure out how the fuck to do this any ideas?
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    So I am completely aware of the whole loudness war debate but my mixes are unbelievably quiet and I can't seem to get them to get any louder with compressors or limiters. I use Ozone to mix and master with and I record in Logic Pro 9. I am aware of the obstacle of making certain frequencies fit...
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    Looking for unique pickups

    So I listen to a lot of modern metal ranging from Black Dahlia to Periphery, and I'm on a search for some really nasty pick ups. I'm looking for something unique and edgy with a lot of chunkiness and bite but a lot of clarity. Any suggestions? Any but emg, duncans, dimarzio ect. like I said...
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    Mixing Amp sims

    Ok so I am using pod farm with the treadplate dual rec amp and the treadplate 4x12 at 10% room with the screamer. I have a slight hp at 21hz and low pass @ 12000hz. My problem with this is that I feel like I'm not getting enough bite to my guitar tone a good example of what I mean is the plot in...