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    Our first ever Music Video/Deathmetal/Deathcore/Heavy feat. CJ McMahon - ANAVAR

    Hey everyone. We just released our first ever music video for our single "Cataclysm". It would be great to get any feedback on the song/video, or if you just wanna give it a watch and enjoy the track. Thanks - Phil
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    We released our First EP (Deathmetal/Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore)

    Check out our free EP Stream. Feel free to give us feedback, share with your friends
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    My bands first single (Deathmetal, Deathcore)

    Yeah yeah, the vocals are a bit mono toned, but we were going for a more mid ranged death metal style, like Opeth's heavy growls Any criticism and feedback would be awesome! Feel free to download the track from bandcamp \m/:hbang:
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    Anavar has landed \m/

    Hi Guys, We are a deathmetal, melodic death metal, deathcore band from Perth Australia. We thought we'd get into the forums and say hello! We have only just started, no shows under our belt yet, and a 5 track EP almost finished (just got to add vocals/additional love). We still lack an...