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  1. Yimmj

    NGD Vader 7 (Opt 50 Neck)

    This is my magnificent Vader 7! Specs Walnut Body 5 pc Walnut/mahogany/flamed maple neck Med Jumbo Stainless Steel frets Birdseye Maple neck 27" scale neck Review: I placed my order March 3rd and received my guitar the 27th of June, totaling about 16 weeks. This was due to the fact...
  2. Yimmj

    Cracked Fretboard! What do i do? Help!

    I was installing a new nut on my carvin as the last one had been filed in correctly by an incompetant tech:mad: and i was looking over every detail on my guitar i found a hair line crack on the ebony board from the 24th fret to about the 19th or 18th:ugh: what do i need to do to fix this? im...
  3. Yimmj

    Jason Becker Neck Profile

    So ive bought my first carvin around July of last year and ive gotten the craving to buy another one after i loved the first one so much! The one i have in mind is way different but thats what makes it fun! anyways so i like the neck of my carvin, but i prefer the neck of my LTD. What is the...
  4. Yimmj

    Refinishing question

    i have a Korina tele body that is unfinished thats coming in the mail for a build im putting together, what you recommend for a great clear coat?
  5. Yimmj

    NPD - D-Activator X Set CREAM!

    My recently purchased DC600 needed a pickup uprgrade, and its one hell of an upgrade, super tight distortion, great harmonics, and very clear
  6. Yimmj

    Quick question about dimarzios

    i bought a crunch lab liquid fire set and they came F spaced, my guitar has a tune o matic bridge, will the f space still work? thanks guys
  7. Yimmj

    NGD: D600M All Mahogany Maple Top

    Here it is! my beautiful Carvin. The customer service was great! it was completed a full 2 weeks before schedule. which is awesome :D SPECS All Mahogany Body, Flamed Maple top Ebony Fingerboard SS Frets Diamond Inlays Flamed matching headstock Note:Sorry for the Blury pic of the...
  8. Yimmj

    Ordering my DC600m! (questions)

    Hello friends, im ordering a Carvin! using some of my paycheck tommorow to get the deposit! i had a couple quick questions i knew you guys could help me out with. SPECS Mahogany Body Maple Neck Ebony board flamed maple top tung oil satin finish black hardware mother of pearl diamond...
  9. Yimmj

    Faceless bassist's solo album

    Evan Brewer who was recruited into the faceless released his first bass only solo album, and it sounds incredible.
  10. Yimmj

    Anyone Else work alot?

    right now between working and school, i work almost 76 hours a week, not including if i have to do school papers or projects. anyone else here work probably more than whats sane? :lol:
  11. Yimmj

    What is your job?

    This is just a fun little thread, to see where members get their money for all of those NGDs. Anyways, where do you work? do you like it? I work at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant (Benihanna style if you're familiar) and i am a waiter there, its a sweet gig. Because of the diversity of...
  12. Yimmj

    NPD! Dimarzios!

    Here is My LTD EC-1000 I swapped the EMGS out for the dimarzios, i matched the liquifire and D-activator X because while the liquifire has a very warm sound, and the d activator X is like the slightly warmer version of the X2N! i love the combo! :shred: The reason the middle neck volume knob is...
  13. Yimmj

    S*** Djent Kids Say (Funny Video)

  14. Yimmj

    Quick question about Active to passive pickup swap

    Hey guys! if i have an EMG equipped guitar and i am swaping it for dimarizos, will i have to route it in any way? or will it drop in neatly? thank you
  15. Yimmj

    Quick Question about the EC-1000

    :scratch:im replacing the pots, i know that i need long shaft pots because its a carved top, but are the pots slotted? or are they solid ones? which should i get?
  16. Yimmj

    Just placed the order for Dimaarzio D-Activator X's

    Im pretty excited! i tried out EMGs for a while in my current six string (LTD EC1000) after having those pickups for a while, im swapping them out for Dimarzio D-Activator X pickups, i was thinking reg d-activators but i heard that the X version has slightly more output, and a tighter tone im...
  17. Yimmj

    Any skateboarders on

    Just curious! is there anyone out here that skateboards and plays guitar? I feel like its the perfect combo, when the weathers nice you can go skating, when its shitty, you can sit around and play guitar all day, i dont know or maybe this is just me!