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  1. trickae

    Is it possible to chamber an explorer for weight relief?

    I really enjoy playing my Solar 7 explorer, but the weight has been a problem for long sessions standing up or even sitting down. is it possible to chamber a neck through explorer, then apply say a quilt maple top? Would significant chambering provide enough weight releif? Would it cause...
  2. trickae

    Neural DSP Presets Megathread

    For neuralDSP users, I thought we should have a thread to share our presets with the wider community. Their Unity forums have a number of these presets, though I'd be keen to see some from our community. Guitar Amps: Tone King...
  3. trickae

    WTB [AU][Sydney] WTB Ibanez M80M or 29-30" Multiscale 8 String

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez M80M Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): either soft or hardshell case Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Sydney, Australia International OK?: No Contact Info (No Phone #s): Please DM me References (eBay or other forum userid): Same user ID used on...
  4. trickae

    What's the best way to stain birdseye maple fretboards?

    I have two guitars with birdseye maple fretboards. Unfortunately, the pale look of maple fretboards isn't doing it for me anymore and I'm looking to stain the fretboards. What's the best way of going about it without getting the stain on the frets and on the back of the maple neck? Is there...
  5. trickae

    Is it possible to stain birds eye maple fretboards?

    I have two guitars with fairly pale birds eye maple fretboards. is it possible to stain these like any other wood and is there specific stains I should consider before that would last with all the playing?
  6. trickae

    How do you approach writing bass parts for downtuned and extended range guitars?

    As many of us are playing 7 and 8 string (or more) guitars, how do you approach writing bass to go along with downtuned and extended range guitars? Should we tune our bass down a step? Do we extend the range of the bass, say going for 5 or 6 string bass with much heavier and lower string? Is...
  7. trickae

    Which seymour duncan set goes well with a second guitar with Nazgul/Sentient

    I have two Solar Guitars, a V1.7 and an E2.7 and looking to track dual guitars. I absolutely fell in love with the Nazgul/Sentient combo when I tried them out and will be dropping them into either the flying V or the Explorer. Both guitars have a mahogany body, maple neck and ebony fretboard...
  8. trickae

    How do Edifier 1700BT's compare to KRK Rockit's?

    I'm looking to purchase studio monitors and have narrowed it down to the following two. It was a tough call between the presonus and the Mackie but I liked the reviews and sound test of these two more. I fiend the Edifier's quite balanced whereas the KRK's are more bass heavy for RnB and EDM...
  9. trickae

    How do you approach song writting with 8 string guitars?

    I'm looking to pick up a bass and wondering how best to write with an 8 string? Would you recommend getting a 6 string and having two lower strings to accommodate the lower registers? I was thinking 5 string basses became more popular with 7 strings so it would be natural to go with a 6 string...
  10. trickae

    Looking to go all digital on a budget axefx vs neural dsp?

    I'm looking to build a home recording studio and weighing up some options. With a budget of $2000 what's the better option? 1. Axe FX + studio monitors 2. UAD arrow + Neural dsp + studio monitors? Do I need anything else like a preamp or additional pedals?
  11. trickae

    What's a good Audio Interface for bedroom guitarists?

    I took a break for a few years and keen to get back into home recording. What's a good audio interface I could use for either Mac or PC, that's low latency, affordable and USB powered? Use case is one guitar and one mic at the same time. I'm considering the Motu M2 Focusrite 2i2 UAD Arrow...
  12. trickae

    How do we raise a schaller hannes bridge?

    I have a Mayones Duvell Qatsi but the strings rattle against the fretwire. Would it be best to adjust the truss rod or adjust the individual string height as it's mostly the 6th and 7th string that rattle? For reference it has a schaller hannes bridge.
  13. trickae

    What are good Explorer shapes for 2021?

    I owned a Jackson Kelly and an ESP Explorer in the 90's. I hated the fact the Jackon kelly used a bedpost for a neck. I was thinking of picking up a new one. Is there newer brands that have a modern take on the design? Looking for modern shapes, 25.5", thin neck shapes and a lighter body So no...
  14. trickae

    What's decent bedroom recording setup for 2021? Di's, DAw's, Monitors?

    I've been out of the game for the past 7 years. What's new and must have's for a home recording setup? I was thinking of the Audio Interface: Focusright scarlet Audio Interface Monitors: Wharfedale diamonds DAW: Cubase, FL Studio, Reaper? Is the community still using an Axe Fx or bias FX...
  15. trickae

    WTB [Australia Only]Strandberg boden 8/Kiesel Vader 7/Mayones Hydra V 7

    I'm interested in picking up a headless fanned fret either a Strandberg boden 8 Kiesel Vader 7 multiscale Mayones Hydra VF 7 Australia only sorry. I'll bump every month, keen to see what's out there
  16. trickae

    Can someone recommend a decent V?

    I always wanted a V but never broke out of the super strat shape. Would newer brands like solar hold up to ESP, LTD and Jackson's from the past? Keen on thinner sides to neck
  17. trickae

    What are decent headless fanned fret guitars for 2021?

    I'm looking to pick up a fanned Fret headless guitar soon having played Ibanez guitars for 25 years. I used to lurk here when strandberg just came out and mayones was picking up pre periphery days, but never took the plunge. I was leaning towards * Strandberg Boden 8 * Kiesel Vader 7...
  18. trickae

    A few years on, how are the strandberg boden 8's

    I'm saving up for a boden 8, 26.5-28" and I was wondering how it's held up over the years? I'm looking for a killer 8 string and the look and feel is just nailed by this guitar. How have the Alumitones stood up? Have people preferred to swap them out for other over the counter pups?
  19. trickae

    Recommend me some good online videos to develop my playing

    I haven't picked up my guitar since 2014 and I'm thinking of getting back into it again. Especially seeing all these 120% speed runs of necrophagist online. Could you guys recommend me a number of shred based lesson videos to get my chops up to speed? (please don't post rock disciplines...
  20. trickae

    Recommend me some bands that play 7 strings a step down

    I've seen a tonne of threads pop up like this in the past but haven't seen anything more recent. Could I get a new list going for more recent technical/melodic metal bands? Need new material to learn on one of my 7 strings tuned a step down - A-D-G-C-F-A-D. I've got the following so far: Edge...