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  1. JamesM

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    I hope you have a self-eradication plan cooked up then, else you're going to have to do all the planning while upset.
  2. JamesM

    I am a dick, and this is a public apology to sPliNtEr_777 and

    You still selling that D-Sonic?
  3. JamesM

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

  4. JamesM

    So my band has the same name as a rapper..advice?

    Dude, you know that The Alchemist is famous as fvck, right? "Not-so-well-known" is hugely off point here.
  5. JamesM

    NTD! (new tattoo day)

    We're Cthulhu bros, bro.
  6. JamesM

    Nick Jonas Guitar Solo

    I don't care?
  7. JamesM

    Slice the Cake - Odyssey to the West

    This is so good, and I don't know what I'm feeling?
  8. JamesM

    Some Things Should Stay Buried...

    Some things should stay buried like grandma
  9. JamesM

    Oceill - Malaise (Feat. Plini)

    Sounds like a great setup man. :)
  10. JamesM

    Oceill - Malaise (Feat. Plini)

    What's your general setup these days, anyway?
  11. JamesM

    Floyd Rose Frequent Flyers: How do you not lose your hex wrenches over time?

    Don't you already have at least a toolbox?
  12. JamesM

    And Your First Potential 2016 US Presidential Candidate Is!!!!

    Hillary is the perfect politician in a pre-Internet age.
  13. JamesM

    Oceill - Malaise (Feat. Plini)

    Great to hear you making more amazing toooons. Just listened again, and it's just as good this time around. Bass tone is perfect.
  14. JamesM

    Holy ...., is this...Post-Jazz?

    Jazz might be the most poorly used word on this this entire forum. Nice tune though.
  15. JamesM

    Oceill - Malaise (Feat. Plini)

    Bomb as always Kurkk. EDIT: It's perfect. Delicious production, too.
  16. JamesM

    Help identify this song

    Probably a Story of Hope song.
  17. JamesM

    .strandberg* Singularity announced, full specs + $1250 price tag

    "The rosewood looks dry (implying it's cheap)." I laugh every time I read this. Because it's light you assume it's dry? Have you ever seen or worked with rosewood? Based on the variety of a natural product, they come in all shades. The implication that lighter rosewood is immediately of...