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  1. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    Forgot to mention, the rail buckers were i deed louder than the single pickups, so I opted to change my neck pup to an overwound for a closer balance than adjusting heights that may sacrifice the full potential of the rails being too far from the strings.
  2. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    I heard good things about the SD JB jr on a strat type guitar. But, I loved the rail buckers on my ex tele eventhough they were an Artec. I would imagine that it would have been better if it was a branded one. Coil sized buckers don't sound like a full sized humbucker. They have a unique sound...
  3. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    To keep it somewhat strat authentic looking, how about a coil sized bucker for the bridge? A Vega trem would be nice too so you can be crazy on the whammy.
  4. littlebadboy

    Baritone or 7 String

    Try out a multiscale 6. It gives you both worlds. Longer scale where it matters, regular scale where you usually play lead. I had a hard time doing some leads on a baritone. Well... I'm not much a lead player anyways.
  5. littlebadboy

    What's the most bone crushing riff?

    Smoke on the water intro is epic!
  6. littlebadboy

    NGD - Aristides chug machine edition

    Very chuggy nice! Congratulations!
  7. littlebadboy

    7 string with 24.75 (Gibson) scale. Is it practical?

    I would say, this is where a multiscale shines as you will get the best of both worlds. A short scale and long scale where it matters on one guitar.
  8. littlebadboy

    NGD: My name ain't Billy

    In my attempt to come up with a poor man's version of the Kotzen Telecaster, I modified a Squier CV50 Tele with an Artec coil sized XL rail bucker, and same as yours, it ways hot that I couldn't balance it with the stock neck single pickup. So, I replaced it with an overwound pickup. I really...
  9. littlebadboy

    Way of the Gearwhore

    Should I follow what my heart says (NGD), or what my wife says not to... Well...
  10. littlebadboy

    NGD: My name ain't Billy

    Great! Congratulations! Is this your first time playing a coil size rail humbucker? How do you find it? I enjoyed mine when I still had my tele! It was like a bright humbucker, but sounded unique that I liked.
  11. littlebadboy

    To multiscale or not to multiscale

    I love my multi-scale 6. I wanted a baritone for clearer low tones. But, I couldn't get used to the finger stretches on the thinner strings. The multi-scale gives me both worlds. TIght and clearer tones on the lower registers, and familiar finger stretches on the highs.
  12. littlebadboy

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    I didn't like it at all after seeing the initial pictures. But after watching the reverb video, it gave me a better look and it made sense. The infinity fretboard also makes sense, giving a better visual of the frets down there in favor of the player. But I don't have that problem playing my...
  13. littlebadboy

    Builders who offer unique specs you can’t find anywhere else?

    That's what I thought about it too! I couldn't afford a Parker or an Aristides, so I thought that this would be good enough. It is season proof because of the resin molded body/neck. It now has Gibson Firebird mini humbuckers replacing its original HSS. It actually sounds good clean or driven!
  14. littlebadboy

    Builders who offer unique specs you can’t find anywhere else?

    The gone Switch guitar company made guitars with the whole body including neck molded out from a synthetic material they call Vibracell. Here is mine that I got for $40 and did modifications.
  15. littlebadboy

    Suggestions for multi-effects processor

    Take a look at Headrush too.
  16. littlebadboy

    Headless Apollo Bridge

    Where may I buy those? Would they be drop in into an Agile Geodesic multi-scale?
  17. littlebadboy

    Post Your GAS

    I want a Kiesel ZM6 please.