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  1. Dumple Stilzkin

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    I like it well enough to not be in a hurry to change it out. But I’ll keep that in mind.
  2. Dumple Stilzkin

    NGD: blocks and binding edition

    Nice. One of few guitars where gold hardware is appropriate. I know you’ve wanted one for a while. Enjoy!
  3. Dumple Stilzkin

    Post Your GAS

    Just needs a pearloid (maybe red or white) and it’s ready to go.
  4. Dumple Stilzkin

    Chocolate thunder from down under

    Sex store saga coming up?
  5. Dumple Stilzkin

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    I have a horizon and just got an mII, I play the mII a majority of the time. But both are great.
  6. Dumple Stilzkin

    Help me chose!! Kiesel Dc 7 strings vs Strandberg Boden 7 ??

    Unless you do something more basic like a solid finish and using colors and woods that don’t clash.
  7. Dumple Stilzkin

    I can't find anything faster, heavier, more aggressive...honestly

    I’ve watched some Priest lives shows from the late 70’s into the late 80’s that were phenomenal. Excellent band, Halford is a legend, the guitarists are amazing, I wish I could’ve seen them live in their prime. I like my fair share of heavy music, but I get an awful lot of replay value with...
  8. Dumple Stilzkin

    Chocolate thunder from down under

    Why didn’t you stop walking on the grass?
  9. Dumple Stilzkin

    New Shockingly Good In Flames Song

    I thought it was pretty bland. Not bad, just meh. Sounded like At the Gates more than In Flames.
  10. Dumple Stilzkin

    Help me chose!! Kiesel Dc 7 strings vs Strandberg Boden 7 ??

    I would personally pick Kiesel, but with more affordable options. Or just camp Reverb until you find one you like with specs that are close.
  11. Dumple Stilzkin

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    I don’t understand why this is here? Just looks like a well used shovel to me?
  12. Dumple Stilzkin

    Anyone ever try an ESP Horizon III shape? How are they?

    Comfy? Compared to a regular horizon? I don’t need another, but do want. Nobody anywhere close to me Carrie’s ESP, no way for me to test drive.
  13. Dumple Stilzkin

    ESP M-II 'Musicians Friend' STB

    You might be able to find an ESP USA model in pretty similar specs used.
  14. Dumple Stilzkin

    NGD - ESP Original Series M-II

    Nice, I recently bought an ESP mII original series with a floyd. They are amazing guitars. HNGD. Black with binding is classy as they come.
  15. Dumple Stilzkin

    5150 III 50W troubles

    I wouldn’t say it’s a common problem. They have a really good reputation on this forum.