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  1. UltraParanoia

    THE CAPSLOCK (My band, 7 strings, pay what you want, death, groove)

    Hey duders! It's been a while since I've been on. Damn work & life getting in the way. My band The Murdering has released a brand new track called 'Misery King' Give it a spin :hbang:
  2. UltraParanoia

    Tony MacAlpine Rig rundown (7-string content)

    Argh yes, the mullet
  3. UltraParanoia

    ESP LTD V-200 (Pre-lawsuit)

    1998 I do believe? *EDIT* There you have it
  4. UltraParanoia

    PRS 2015 Lineup Released

    The Dustie Waring is badass
  5. UltraParanoia

    N(old)GD ESP MII - Seems to be a fairly rare spec?

    Yeah, it's not an 80's M-II or it would have the lawsuit headstock. Either way, killer guitar & looks to be in beautiful condition. HNGD!
  6. UltraParanoia

    ESP/LTD NAMM 2015 thread (No ''official'' NAMM news... yet)

    I'm keen for some guitars in the Stream bass shape, not sure what it is about the shape but I dig it
  7. UltraParanoia

    NGD Agile AD 3000 Custom 7 (purple)

    That is badass! HNGD Love the color
  8. UltraParanoia

    ESP 40th Anniversary Limited Exhibition models

    Rusty Iron is badass!! Also, not sure what it is about this. But I'm positive I need it *EDIT* The Mummy almost looks like a Konklin
  9. UltraParanoia

    My Skervesen 4AP

    Damn that is TASTY! HNGD!
  10. UltraParanoia

    Javier Reyes Signature ESP coming next year

    Maybe Ibanez don't regard him as high of a priority as Tosin? Unfortunately, probably rightly so. Ibanez's loss & ESP's gain
  11. UltraParanoia

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron A further extended trailer with new footage Avengers 2 Extended Trailer Official - Age of Ultron - YouTube
  12. UltraParanoia

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Mel Gibson on directing a possible Iron Man 4
  13. UltraParanoia

    May I introduce to you my Green Universe

    You damn American's are spoiled :lol: You'd lose your lunch if you had an idea how badly we get raped on prices down here
  14. UltraParanoia

    Recommend me your favorite music!

    A Man Don't Have To Die by Brad Paisley - YouTube Toto - I Will Remember - YouTube
  15. UltraParanoia

    May I introduce to you my Green Universe

    Oh.......... 1991 Ibanez Universe 7 String Electric Guitar Steve Vai Signature | eBay
  16. UltraParanoia

    Javier Reyes Signature ESP coming next year

    If its an 8 of something like this I will be very very happy...I might even need an 8 string
  17. UltraParanoia

    Anyone here know or own this Suhr?

    These 2 whites Suhrs are the best looking I have ever seen. I've never been a major fan but these are amazing

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