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  1. asphyx123

    NGD - Fender Malmsteen Strat MIJ

    NGD!! =) Have always been interested in trying out a scalloped neck and now got this sweet piece of wood from ebay last week. The model year is 1995/96. Spend this morning restringing it, cleaning and setting it up. Had few dings minor dings and dongs, mostly on the back side from the belt...
  2. asphyx123

    Dark Age - German Melodic DM

    Found out about those guys today. They are from Hamburg. I'm not through all their material yet but I'm loving their stuff so far. :hbang:
  3. asphyx123

    Paul Wardingham Appreciation

    Hi, not a whole lot of people are aware of Paul's work but in my opinion he has some very tasty stuff going on and I'm following his playing for about 2 years now. Not only is he an insane player but also a really cool guy. This is some bits and pieces about his upcoming new CD release...
  4. asphyx123

    NGD: ESP SV Urban Camo

    Recenly I was having serious GAS for a V-type guitar. After careful evaluation of all sort of models I decided for an ESP SV. This one is the urban camo model. Had to adjust the string height a little. But other than that the Setup was pretty much perfect out of the box.
  5. asphyx123

    Death - Lack of Comprehension - Chuck Schuldiner Tribute

    Hi guys, this is a youtube collab a dear friend of mine did (youtubetag lastzoltar), and that I had the honor of participating. He has some really nice vid editing skills and imho did a fantastic job editing this vid, so I thought this would be worth sharing. We are all just hobby musicians...
  6. asphyx123

    My try on Jeff Loomis - Jato Unit

    I know this is probably a bad idea :nuts: to post here, as I will probably receive some heavy punches. But this one kept me busy for quite a while now and it's far from being flawless. Still I was brave enough to try it and I think it is again a great exercise even though i pretty much ruined my...
  7. asphyx123

    NGD: Ibanez S7420 bk

    I was at a local guitar story yesterday. I've been a longterm fan of the S-Series. Actually my first reasonable guitar was an Ibanez S540. It's now almost 20 years old and still working perfectly. So when I was there I saw this nice Ibanez S7420 and had to get it. I have one non-tremolo...
  8. asphyx123

    My try on Nevermore's Born

    This is my try on Nevermore's Born. Can't wait to listen to the new album. I know there's room for improvement but this is the best take I could get of like 7 or 8 before my left hand felt like an elephant was pounding on it and my right arm was all cramping up. I posted this before on the...
  9. asphyx123

    NGD Huf 7-string

    Just wanted to share this happy day (for me) with some of you guys. After enjoying Patrick's entertaining photo documentation of the building process my new 7-string is now finished and was shipped (well actually I Picked it up from the delivery service as they don't deliver on saturdays - the...
  10. asphyx123

    Hello sevenstringers

    My name is Sebastian and I'm a 35 year old engineer from germany with a huge passion for guitars, Heavy Metal and videoediting. Originally I started with electric organ and piano when I was a kid but quit with like 16 years. With 17 years I picked up my first guitar and made only slow progress...