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  1. scrgls

    ESP FR-7

    Ngd, snagged a stupid good deal on an FR-7. I sold all my guitars prior to a big move and restarted my guitar collection with the LTD on the left after having all Ibanez guitars before. Gotta say I rather enjoy these chunky necked beasts and my hands don’t cramp up as much
  2. scrgls

    needing an Ibanez locking nut

    hey guys I'm needing a locking nut for an Ibanez RG7620 model # is 2TL1UV48B , I'd like to get one but the only place that has it has it for $280 and whew that is a lot for just ONE locking nut. I don't want to be picky so even the chrome variant (2TL1UV48C) would work
  3. scrgls

    EMG to Fishman, wiring questions

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I figured I’d try because I can’t find any answers on google and cant find diagrams on what I want to do. I want to install a set of fluence pickups on my Ibanez RGIR27BE, it comes stock with EMG 707’s, 1 vol, 3-way pup selector, and a killswitch flip...