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  1. Evilized

    This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Sweep Picking edition!

    Great video. Laughed my ass off and actually learned something at the same time. Keep up the good work!
  2. Evilized

    NGD: Sabre Guitars SSM-1 (Extremely pic heavy!)

    I was following the build thread from this for a while. All I can say is turned out amazing! HNGD! Also that inlay is orgasmic.
  3. Evilized

    Wax On, Wax Off: A Fundamental Guide to Sweep Picking

    Just skimmed over this briefly before class starts. Needless to say, I know what I'm going to do for most of tonight. And probably most of the weekend. Thanks for all your time and effort 80H, I'm excited to get started on this!
  4. Evilized

    NGD: Charles Cilia CGA7 - Full Custom 7 String

    HNGD! That thing is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Evilized

    N(home build)GD! Ergonomic Multiscale Sevenstring

    This is simply stunning!
  6. Evilized

    NGD: Skervesen Raptor 009

    Gorgeous! I'm in love with that neck. HNGD!
  7. Evilized

    IPad amp modelling apps

    +1 for JamUp XT. It's extremely easy to manage the signal chain to come up with a desired tone. It also has a large amount of amps and pedals available for purchase for a decent price. It does sound pretty good. Like OrsusMetal said, if you run them through quality speakers the difference is...
  8. Evilized

    Help Me Decide!

    Personally I think the blue just doesn't have enough blue. A little less black around the edges would look better. My pick is for white - nice and clean, and matches well with the hardware.
  9. Evilized

    NGD Skervesen "Chaos Machine"

    Good review. Despite the few flaws, this looks like a solid axe. The Chaos Machine backplate is badass too!
  10. Evilized

    NGD - Headless Ferrari, (Holds)worth a look

    HNGD! Love that red.
  11. Evilized


    Not sure where you were going with this when I saw the gaping holes...but the finished product looks fantastic! Well done!
  12. Evilized

    NGD birthday gueetar (56k, u y no upgrade???)

    Looks great...happy birthday / NGD!!
  13. Evilized Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

    75 military Personal Total: 150 Site Total: 64 227
  14. Evilized Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

    75 (mix of normal, military, diamond) Personal total: 75 Total: 63,937
  15. Evilized

    NGD: Joined the Ibanez Club with an RG 3XVVX !! :D

    Almost pulled the trigger on one of these two months ago. Seeing this makes me wish I had. Happy NGD, looks great!
  16. Evilized

    Bands that made you go "THIS is what I'm missing in my life!"

    Symphony X Seventh Wonder Dream Theater Wintersun First concert I ever went to was to see these guys :hbang:
  17. Evilized

    Martial Arts

    I'm in the same boat, although for a different reason. Shortly after I received my 3rd degree black (in TKD as well), school was just becoming too busy. About midway through undergrad I had to stop altogether to focus on studying. Which is unfortunate, since I'm eligible to test for my 4th...
  18. Evilized

    In progress - Bowes Guitars 7-string

    Keeping with the trend, I'll throw in the badass that fretboard and the partial scallops.
  19. Evilized

    Greetings from the Caribbean...and Canada!

    First post! Been browsing this site for months, so it's about time I got around to saying hello. I'm originally from Ontario but currently living in the Caribbean for school. A surprising amount of time is spent on the forum to satisfy my need for all things guitar related - guess that's...