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    NGD: Ibanez RGA220Z (GAS: 6th Ibanez RGA Prestige...)

    Hi guys. Just got my new guitar the other day. In crystal black! Yea.. :cool: I have an obsession with the RGA Prestiges. Just the perfect guitars. And this one is my first RGA with a tremolo :shred: This RGA220Z has the "new" beveled horns, looks cool and aggressive :evil: Have a...
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    WTB/LF Ibanez RGA121-NTF (EU)

    Hi. I am looking for a nice Ibanez RGA121-NTF. It must be in good /near mint condition. It has to have a reasonable price as I am on a budget. Please let me hear from you if you meet the criteria :yesway: :) Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez RGA121-NTF Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc)...
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    NGD! Ibanez RGA321F "Got the blues"

    So.. I ended up getting this one. A Brand new RGA321F in sapphire blue burst kinda finish. Acually there's not much to say... Other than what an amazing instrument. This one is the perfect compliment to my RGA321. Yea, I know :nuts: Ibanez should do more cool flamed maple tops. :metal...
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    NGD Ibanez RGA321

    Hey guys. Finally got an Ibanez RGA321. What an amazing guitar. Prestige Ibanez - you can't go wrong. This is my 4th Ibanez Prestige RGA. The GAS really got me there..:nuts: The top is so beautiful. The blue sapphire burst is such a nice color. Would go for this on a custom build if...
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    NGD: RGA121 VLF - Hidden Treasure

    Hey guys. Look what I've just found! A brand new Ibanez RGA121 in violin flat finish. Looks really good and high-five-prestige quality :shred: I thought it would be impossible to find a new one - lucky me! Here is a couple of pics with my other RGA121's. I plan on gettin' them all...
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    NGD Ibanez FR2620 Tele gone metal

    Hey guys. This is a sick guitar. Been wanting one for some time, but they were too expensive. Some time goes... I browse the web and find a deal.. Sweet..:yesway: So here she is.. My first ash body guitar, sounds great and the pickups are fine too! At least for standard e tuning...
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    Dimarzio Ionizer 8's bridge+neck (EU)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Dimarzio Ionizer 8's neck+bridge, both in very good condition - all black :metal: Modifications (if any): Middle holes are drilled and a little of filing on the edges of the "attachment posts". See pictures. Accessories (hardshell case etc)...
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    NGD: Ibanez RGA121H CDR, Red Hot....

    Hey guys. Just got this bad boy in. I found a new one at a good price, so I'm quite happy. This is my second RGA121H. Also got the matching brother in blue/green sparkle. Like any other Ibanez Prestige I've owned, it plays awesome. :shred: Hope you guys like it. Tried to capture some...
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    NGD Ibanez MTM2 Blackness/Goodness!

    Hey guys just got this in.! Feels very solid - not really any finish flaws, although I expected it from an Indonesian Ibanez. I have had a couple of other Indonesian Ibanez', and they have not been near flawless! :squint: Fretboard also is very nice - not too dry and very consistent...
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    NGD: Jackson COW 6 CAMO

    Hey guys. I have a serious addiction for these babies.:shred: I have a black one, a silverburst one, and a black sevenstring one. Just love the simplicity and the br00t4lz lookz.:hbang: The guitar is near mint condition, with only one ding on the neck.:yesway: Yeah, crappy cell phone...
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    NGD Ibanez RG1570Z LMR. Lava is upon us.

    Yo dewdes.. Also got my RG1570Z LMR today. What a guitar :shred: So officially my 2. Ibby Prestige 6-string! Yeha.. It is one of the coolest looks for a guitar ever. Sooo different and awesome :bowdown: Hope you guys like it - I do!! :fawk:
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    NGD Ibanez RGA121H CDO - Prestige goods from the past!

    Hey guys. Bought a brand new RGA121H in Crashed Deep Ocean :hbang: What a beautiful guitar! It's my first Prestige 6-string but not my last:cool: You guys know the specs, so let's go to da pr0n:evil: Hope you guys like:wavey:
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    NAD Blackstar ID:60 TVP-H (and a cab!)

    Hey guys. :wavey: I got these two bad boys today! The Blackstar ID:60 TVP head and the Harley Benton G212 vintage with Celestion V30'ies! :shred: They both kick ass and I'm very happy with them, time to dial the rig in. If anyone thinks about changing the old valve head, in favor of one...
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    Best 212 cab to go with Blackstar ID:60TVP-H ?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking of getting a Blackstar ID:60TVP-H amp. It seems like a really versatile amp - have you guys had any experience with the newer ID series? Link to the amp: ID:60TVP-H Guitar Amplifier - Blackstar :shred: Blackstar only makes a 412 cab for the ID Series, but I'd only...
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    NGD Ibanez Apex100 - All in the Family..

    Hey guys.. Today is a good day, because I've just received my new guitar! I started off purchasing an Apex1 about 2 years ago. The best playing guitar ever..:shred: ..then it didn't take me long to figure I needed a K-7! ..then an Apex2 ...and now, of course, the infamous and...
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    NGD Ibaez MTM1 BR - SEVEN

    Heey guys! Just received this beauty today. :bowdown: It's sick - really a cool guitar. IRL it's darker than on the pics - a real "Blood Red" :hbang: Looking forward to shred on this thing!! Anyone have experiences with other MTM1's?? :cool: Hope you like it!
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    NGD: Mooooooh, Jackson COW content

    Hey guys. Received my new Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers 7 string Dinky Arch Top this morning :hbang: These models are more or less sold out, but I found one in a store - brand new :cool: I've always liked Christian's aggressive playing, and of course the good ol' Fear Factory days...
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    Careful about EQ settings on Peavey 6505+ 112 combo?

    Hi there. Just picked up my first real tube amp today - a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo. Pretty wicked amp :hbang: I read about it on a forum the other day. A guy said the "presence" shouldn't be too high when using the distortion/preamp on this thing. :scratch: Just wanted to hear if any of...
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    NGD Ibanez K-7 + first post!

    Greetings folks! :cool: Been around this forum for a while, but just stalkin' around.. Also imma biiig Ibby fan :bowdown: ...I've been wanting this K-7 for so long! Such a beautiful guitar, but went out of production in 2006... So I've been looking for one for quite a while, until...