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  1. neoclassical85

    Brand New Ibanez Prestige Neck Problem

    Hey guys, I posted a NGD a while ago with my RG652 AHM. Ive always set up my own guitars but I was having some trouble getting the buzz out of this one and could see a clear "hump" on the low E string side only and no truss rod or bridge height adjustment could get it to my satisfaction in terms...
  2. neoclassical85

    Jackson DK2M Japan vs newer Pro Series Dinky DK3QM

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has owned both the DK2M Japan from the early 2000s and the newer Pro Series DK3QM. I own the DK2M Japan and its my favorite guitar, however, its getting a bit old and rickety, Im considering picking up this DK3QM if the quality and feel is the same. Thanks!
  3. neoclassical85

    NGD - Ibanez RG652 AHM (Mixed Feelings)

    What's up guys. Long time Jackson DK2 Japan player here. I finally decided to treat myself to a new guitar and ordered a beautiful Ibanez Prestige in Nebula Burst which costed a pretty penny. We don't really get those guitars in shops where I live, so I took a chance and ordered it. First...
  4. neoclassical85

    AXE FX II Tone Test Mix Advice?

    Hey guys - New AXE user here, just got it yesterday, been tweaking ever since. Im into the guitar tones of Intervals and Modern Day Babylon, basically trying to get a similar sound as a foundation to build some of my own tones off, so Im trying to get this mix as close as possible to Ephemeral...
  5. neoclassical85

    Carvin DC727

    Hey guys so I bought an ESP AW7 about a week ago and just so happens a Carvin DC727 with a BKP painkiller set just popped up for sale in my area, Im thinking of returning the ESP and buying this, what do you think? Ive been complaining about the pickups in the ESP but loving its playability...
  6. neoclassical85

    ESP AW7 Tone Test

    A quick tone test on my new AW7. Im having some trouble getting acquainted with this guitar, its not very punchy and has a lot of flubby bass response to it. Theres no post EQ on the guitar whatsoever. Signal chain is TSE808 - TSE X50 - Poulin LeCab2 (catharsis Impulses)...
  7. neoclassical85

    Best 7 for under $1500

    I've had bad luck so far with my 7s, most recently the ESP AW7, but Im determined to find the best suited guitar for me in this price range. Looking for any reccos on guitars that play like butter, dont feel huge in my hands, and have a solid recording tone. Anddd go!! :shred:
  8. neoclassical85

    Best 7 for under $1500

  9. neoclassical85

    BKP Warpigs in an ESP AW7?

    Hey guys - I got a brand new ESP AW7 in my hands and I was hoping I could reach out to the community for some advice. I bought a brand new AW7 the other day and after lowering the nut and getting a professional setup this guitar plays like an absolute dream, however the sound has been a...
  10. neoclassical85

    BKP Warpigs in an ESP AW7?

  11. neoclassical85

    NGD Pics!! Ibanez RGIX27FEQM

    Hey guys, I got myself an early Christmas present. I saw this baby at our local music store and fell in love instantly. I was trying to choose between this and the ESP Alex Wade signature 7.. After some thought and a discussion on the forum, I went with the Ibby.. here's my new Ibanez 7!!
  12. neoclassical85

    Help pick my NDG! :)

    Hey guys, long time no post. Im looking at 2 different 7 strings and Im having a reallllly hard time deciding which to go with. First up is the Ibanez RGIX27FEQM (blue with the gold hardware, active EMGs) - Beautiful guitar, love the finish, love the look...
  13. neoclassical85

    Mesa Roadster Tube Question

    Hey guys, I bought a brand new Mesa Roadster about a year ago. Im not much of a tube amp tech guy and I had a quick question, I noticed the other day at rehearsal that I wasnt cutting through the mix as well as usual. It could be because someone else in the band adjusted their settings but I...
  14. neoclassical85

    NGD: Minty Ibanez RG7321 *pics*

    Hey so I finally picked up my first seven, it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up from a guy who probably used it about a handful of times before it went into storage. It really is mint (sorry for the TERRIBLE iphone pics) and I think it might be worth a couple spicy mods while Im waiting...
  15. neoclassical85

    NGD: My first seven!!

    I got my first seven yesterday!!.. which is pretty sad considering I've been on this forum for years haha.. Anyway, Ive been saving up for an Agile Inceptor but I wanted something to hold me over till then, so I picked up a cheap Ibanez RG7321, completely stock, maybe played a dozen times and...
  16. neoclassical85

    Thoughts on an Ibanez RGD7320Z ?

    There is one of these for sale in my area for $500, The stock pickups have been replaced by a Dimarzio Crunch lab in the bridge and Dimarzio D Activator in the neck. I dont really know anything about these guitars but I have heard the Edge III trem is a bit of a "dive" on these guitars (pun...
  17. neoclassical85

    Anyone from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Want to get in involved in a recording project that could turn into a gigging band? Im looking for people in the area.. Thanks! PS Mods Im not sure where else I should post this, so feel free to move it if need be.
  18. neoclassical85

    Help Identify this noise?

    Signal chain: Guitar>UX2 interface>Reaper>Gate>TSE808>TSEX50>LeCab>EQ>Gate I'm getting this very audible noise on my DI guitar tracks. I just tracked bass and I cant hear anything wrong with it, but you can really hear it on the guitars. Its not audible with the clean signal really but as...
  19. neoclassical85

    NGD! ESP LTD MH-1000NT Deluxe

    The title says it all, picked this up yesterday from a guy in my area, damn its so light! Super fast neck as well.. Its nice to finally have a guitar without a Floyd rose! Question: 10-52 set feels super flimsy compared to how they feel on my Jackson DK2M pro and PRS SE Torero (both floyd...
  20. neoclassical85

    Which would you choose?

    PRS SE Torero OR ESP LTD MH-1000(NT) DELUXE? I already own the Torero but Im thinking about switching things up and theres a MH1000 for sale in my area.. Discuss! :metal: